• We are big social network users - yeah, say geeks - and our friends are too.
    Managing all the different networks and getting in contact with all the people we know was becoming hard : too many log-in to do, too many URL and pages to navigate and too many news missed, just because all that stuff is hard to manage and time is never enough. Frustrating.

    We decided to do something about it and to build a tool to help us manage multiple online identities and connections, to see all our friends in one place and take cross-network actions.
    As soon as the concept was set, we started brainstorming for a cool name, we wanted it to be easy and clear.

    We showed the project to our friend Lee. Looking at it, he said : 'Oh, that's a people browsr!'
    Awesome: it was exactly that. We had a name: PeopleBrowsr was born. And we were going to start with the Twitter version of it.

    We've been working at PeopleBrowsr.com since October 2006, to build a next generation visual dashboard into Twitter, Google, YouTube and other online social networks. We want to move away from the traditional text and multi page based web application, to build a web 2.0 tool with everything users need in one page. We plan to make it easy to:
    • Navigate large amounts of data
    • Share information from lots of places on one site
    • Track what friends are blogging, twittering and flickring about
    • Find new interesting people
    Increased penetration of broadband means we can serve large amounts of image data much more quickly than a few years ago and we don't have to design the site with many small text oriented pages. We're going to create something completely new. Here are the first members of the team:

    Jodee aka 'WingDude', Sydney: the Valiant General.
    Official role: scope out the big picture.
    Real role: knowing everything and everyone.

    Ary: an office all rounder obsessed with office supplies. A bottle of white-out, a fresh pad of post-its and an unopened pack of pencils give him a genuine thrill.

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    About PeopleBrowsr

    PeopleBrowsr is a technology company which provides enterprise, government and Top Level Domain owners with the ability to launch their own social networks and analyze and engage the members of those networks.