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Personalize your own NFTs for Sharing and Connecting

Kred NFTs are customized Non-Fungible Tokens that carry your design, your metadata and your call to action

Embed your Connect Button on any Site

One Connect button for all your Networks

Connect your MailChimp or Sendgrid account

Sync your Connections to a mailing platform

Discover more information about your Contacts

Unlock full access to your Connections

Brands & CMOs

Engage Your Community

Profiles, Contacts and Conversations drive Engagement

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Cross-Platform Contact Management
Chris BroganCustomizable Profiles on Custom DomainsChris Brogan
Engaging Conversation Streams

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JessicaHere's an example of Jessica's ProfileJessica
AlexHere's an example of Alex's ProfileAlex
RyanHere's an example of Ryan's ProfileRyan
Give your audience engaging Profiles
Jessica Alex Ryan
Activate Profiles for your Community

They're people, not just numbers. Activate 100% customizable profiles that allow them to Connect with each other.

Paul Harris Connect
Paul Harris
Kr 882/7
[fa icon="map-marker"] London
[fa icon="linkedin-square"] /paulharris
[fa icon="tag"] FinanceCEO
[fa icon="twitter"] 1 day
[fa icon="heart"] 2   [fa icon="comment"] 1   [fa icon="retweet"] 1

Fantastic session with the IG Markets team today

Engage them in your Contact Manager

Sync lists and social accounts to Connect, Invite and Give +Kred to your Contacts in your own Cross-Platform Contact Manager - Send emails, Tag, @reply and follow with them on Twitter.

Invite your Community to dynamic Conversation Streams
GamePuncher News
Live Feeds: #GamePuncher  [fa icon="twitter"]  [fa icon="facebook-square"]  [fa icon="rss"]
Invite them to Focused Conversation Streams

Import relevant content from live feeds and create native conversations on your own site.

"Sending valued customers to Facebook and Twitter, then “buying them back” by spending money on ads on those sites, is not a great marketing strategy."

Vanessa Richards - Finance and Tech writer for Entrepreneur and Money

Vanessa Richards
Finance and Tech writer for Entrepreneur and Money


Increase your Online Influence

Discover your Kred Influence Score and exactly what actions are going to Increase it. Engage your Community with the Kred Engagement Center and be rewarded.

Kred Influencers Influencers [fa icon="angle-right"]
Open Networkers

Make Unlimited Connections

You've already established a powerful Network on LinkedIn. Activate an independent profile on your own domain and engage your Contacts from multiple platforms.

[fa icon="linkedin"] Open Networkers [fa icon="angle-right"]
C-Suite Executives

Polish your Executive Branding

Activate a Professional Profile on a .CEO domain and connect with other Business Leaders. Your .CEO domain is your Business Card of the Future.

C-Suite Executives Executives [fa icon="angle-right"]
HubSpot Agencies

Integrated Social Hubs for your Clients

Instantly activate branded vertical social networks for your Clients. Their logos, their colors, their Community - All synced with HubSpot to help you create smarter campaigns.

HubSpot Agencies Agencies [fa icon="angle-right"]

Join Government, TLDs and Leading Brands

Commonwealth Bank of Australia DARPA Brand South Australia IG Group .CEO Platform .ART Domains Kred - The Home of Influence Online .CLUB Domains Accru Accountants

Build Your Own Apps

PeopleBrowsr runs on a proprietary set of APIs that make building Social Apps easier - You can too.

Try the API Get Access
Visit to explore our API docs and Instantly Deploy your own Instance

"PeopleBrowsr's SocialOS APIs help a broad scope of app developers build their own social apps faster."

Sean Rad - Founder and Chairman of Tinder

Sean Rad
Founder and Chairman of Tinder

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Relationship Database
Relationship Database
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Social Actions
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Data Definitions

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See how it works for you
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