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Jodee Rich

Jodee Rich


Kitesurfer and Pilot


Lydia Pesa


Proud Mother


Cameron Bale

Director of Marketing and Product Development

Speaks French


Fagner Lordello


From Brazil


Angela Ung

Front-End Developer

From Melbourne


Andrew Horn

Systems Architect

Star Wars Aficionado


Ramil Lacambacal

PHP Developer

Father of 2

Andrew Maizels

Andrew Maizels

Snr Back-End Architect

Star Wars Aficionado

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PeopleBrowsr is a technology company which gives individuals, enterprise, government and even TLDs the ability to launch their own social networks and analyze and engage the members of those networks."

Jodee Rich - CEO of PeopleBrowsr

Jodee Rich

What We've Been Working On

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    May 2008
    Spearheaded the social analytics revolution by launching a deep search dashboard for managing and engaging with the social stream

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    May 2008
    Started receiving the full Twitter firehose - Powering PeopleBrowsr apps with a stream of all public, open Twitter data

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    May 2010
    Commenced building SocialOS under a DARPA funded program - A set of developer APIs for rapidly deploying scalable, integrated social apps

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    June 2011
    Acquired Swaylo - Facebook collaboration and analytics App, and began feeding public Facebook data into the PeopleBrowsr analytics engine

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    Sept 2011
    Launched Kred, the world's most transparent Social Influence metric

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    June 2012
    Introduced Kred Rewards, focused product reward campaigns for Influencers by leading Brands

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    Sept 2012
    Entered ICANN's gTLD program with applications for .Best, .CEO and .Kred, with the goal to deploy vertical, communitized experiences on domains that provide identity

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    Jan 2013
    Partnered with a global leading global bank to develop SocialBank - A FinTech social platform integrated with Ripple

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    May 2013
    Official launch of the .CEO collaborative platform on the .CEO Top Level Domain, providing executives with identity and networking tools on their own domains

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    Feb 2014
    Official launch of the .Best collaborative platform on the .Best Top Level Domain, providing SMEs with SEO optimized identities and growth tools for their businesses. Business unit sold in July 2018

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    Sept 2014
    Series A Investment

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    Apr 2015
    Acquired Empire Avenue - Social Marketing and Stockmarket App. Integrated it into the Kred Influence Platform and rebranded as Empire.Kred

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    Oct 2015
    Official launch of General Availability for the .Kred Top Level Domain, creating online Identity for Social Influencers at #INBOUND15 in Boston

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    July 2016
    Alpha release of Grab - A scalable, entry level, content sharing and collaboration App on iOS and web with Google Chrome Extension and Facebook App

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    Jan 2017
    Begin PeopleBrowsr OPEN Development Project - To bring our Enterprise product suite to SMEs

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    Mar 2017
    Release the SocialOS platform to leading US Art Schools with the .ART Top Level Domain, providing art students with customizable profiles and portfolios on their own .ART domains

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    May 2017
    User testing of the Empire.Kred iOS app

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    Jul 2017
    SocialOS OPEN invites Developers to support their own apps with our BaaS

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    Jul 2017
    PeopleBrowsr OPEN launches with iOS app in San Francisco, welcoming Individuals and Teams to take advantage of products previously only available to Enterprise customers

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    Kred Coins

    Nov 2017
    Development of Kred Coins project begins, with the mission of integrating blockchain immutability with the Kred Social Influence ecosystem

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    Feb 2018
    Kred Coins API introduced at San Francisco DeveloperWeek 2018, providing developers with APIs to integrate custom tokenized digital assets

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    Orchard Block NYC

    Mar 2018
    Kred Coins hosts events at Twitter HQ in London, Orchard Block in NYC and the AlphaBeta in London to introduce the app to the broader blockchain community

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    June 2018
    Completed the sale of the .Best TLD

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    Jan 2019
    Kred Coins evolve and become NFT.Kred - a Platform for minting and sharing NFTs. Also integrated with Empire.Kred

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    Feb 2019
    NFT.NYC 1st Edition - Powered by NFT.Kred, NFT.NYC had 460 Attendees coming to the Playstation Theatre Time Square. 85 Speakers, 52 Talks and 18 Major Sponsors

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    Blockchain Week1

    May 2019
    "Hosted a "Best of NFT.NYC" at Blockchain Week, where 20 speakers presented NFT focused talks and a Virtual NFT Swag Bag was delivered to attendees

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    Kred Domain Tokens

    March 2020
    Release of Kred DNS ENS Domains - A deep integration with ENS (Ethereum Name Service) allows .Kred Domains to now resolve to both DNS (web) and ENS (wallet) addresses

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    Feb 2020
    NFT.NYC 2nd Edition
    100+ Speakers presented real learnings and insights from projects and products being used by real customers

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    LiveKred Zoom

    April 2020
    Live.Kred for Virtual Events including Zoom integration - Kred maximizes engagement at Virtual Events with Virtual Swag and tokenized Smart-Invites, carrying content previews and social engagement after the event

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    Kred API

    June 2020
    New Kred Score API endpoints released for Influence Agencies in a Remote Economy, including Zoom scoring, Recent Influence and Topic analytics