• After all this coding we need to work on making PeopleBrowsr user friendly and fun. We want a broader understanding of the users and what their favorite networks are. We have to start listening and talking to them a lot more. And we need to write FAQs, a blog, something about us and PeopleBrowsr's history. We need marketing people!

    Laurel aka '@SilkCharm', Sydney: She believes she's a 106 year old pink pixie with wings, but in reality she's a social network strategist. We will not let Laurel pick the colors on PeopleBrowsr but she'll play with the features. Her iPod Touch currently takes up all her time and now that summer is nearly here (in Australia), we expect her to come up with creative excuses as to why she should be able to work from the beach. Laurel, the answer is still "no".

    Priscilla aka '@SHHHE', Sydney: Priscilla is Italian but in love with Paris from top to toe. She thought her Aussie adventure was going to be a very exciting short vacation, but ended up being a lot more than that, and far more exciting than she'd ever imagined. Sometimes she asks, "is all this really happening to me?" - and always in French. By the way, we call her our product manager.

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    About PeopleBrowsr

    PeopleBrowsr is a technology company which provides enterprise, government and Top Level Domain owners with the ability to launch their own social networks and analyze and engage the members of those networks.