• Big news from Google: web connections can be tracked down.
    Google Social Graph takes all the existing public relationship data on the Web and makes them accessible through its API.
    Third parties like us will now be able to grab relationships and connections data and use them to make the web more fun and social.
    At PeopleBrowsr we love moltiple connections and IDs gathering and we consider friendship as a cross-network value.

    Last week, some Twitter users had asked us: 'You talk about one person's online world and, on PeopleBrowsr, we see all the IDs one person adds to the site but, on the web, there is much more than that. What about all the things that we publish, which are not listed in our MyIDs page?'

    Google Social Graph is the answer. Yes, there is 'More' and now it's in PeopleBrowsr 'PBID', 'More' tab.

    Awesome, Google.

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