• Do you have a Facebook account?
    What's in it? Your pictures, your personal information, your friends list...?
    Ehy, we said 'your' three times. It sounds like that data belongs to you.
    And what's up if you go somewhere else?
    Can you take your data with you?
    Google says yesFacebook says no (not completely, at least).And that's why they are arguing.
    Google has built Friend ConnectFacebook doesn't want Friend Connect to use Facebook API to get friends' data.Why?
    Zuckerberg's team says it's both a privacy issue and a data updating problem (Friend Connect would grab data from Facebook once and not renew it, so 'the information would get old' and not accurate, while Facebook Connect, being 'a connection' to Facebook data, automatically updates it).Googlers fear that Facebookers are just too scared to let their users go - 'they make their data somewhat portable. Not too portable, mind you. That means they’d lose control', writes TechCrunch on its blog.

    At PeopleBrowsr we are great fans of data portability. We want the users to be free to do with their data anything they like. We consider their information to be theirs and no one else's and we are sure that Facebook understands that very well and will find the best solution. Let's make the web more social and jump over the wall.

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