• Washington DC – Graphing Social Patterns.Big smiles : today we won with PeopleBrowsr the AppNite competition for Facebook applications.
    We’ve all been working over the week-end and late on Monday-Tuesday to get things done for this first very big demo : five hundred people in the audience, looking at our product for the first time.

    Jodee was in Washington presenting, the rest of us stayed here in Sydney testing and making sure that everything was working fine.
    Man, we were nervous.

    9:24AM, this morning - First email from Jodee’s MacBookAir: ‘We are in the short list’.
    Euphoria in our Sydney office. And hope : will we make it?
    10:38AM - Second message: ‘We are voting for the winner on Twitter, wish me luck and monitor how it goes’.
    We jumped immediately on Summize to track the Twitter voting.
    11:39AM - Third message: ‘Congratulations guys we won - big hugs. Would you believe lightning struck the building and the vote was by show of hands?’.

    Jubilation at the 287 Elizabeth Street: none of our developers was there in WDC to raise his hand, but we won.

    That means that people looking for the first time at PeopleBrowsr understood it, liked it and wanted it to win the competition.

    We all changed straightaway our Facebook status to ‘We woooon’ and just updated Twitter with posts like : ‘What am I doing? I’m winning! Yeah, people: winning!’
    A few minutes to write this blog post and now it’s lunch-time : we definitely deserve pizza to celebrate.

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