• At a breakfast held at the Marriott Hotel in Sydney, Jodee Rich shares his insights on leveraging social media networking as a part of brand marketing.

    Jodee speaks about the evolution of communication; from the jungle, to spoken language, to written language and to today’s social media cloud of rich data.

    Explaining how technology has helped us share information and how we can now make this data persistent, Jodee says that we are now able to store a lot of data -- creating a real-time historical record.

    Only a few years ago social networking was considered vanity-based but now its a fundamental way to communicate. Twitter is changing the world because it's open and it spreads information fast, encouraging other social networks to come out of the cave.

    Jodee believes that brands don't have a choice: they have to listen because people are talking about them on social networks. If brands are not engaging with these conversations there is a real risk they will lose out.

    PeopleBrowsr offers and effective solution to tap into social media with its analytics, data mining services and positive/negative human-powered sentiment reports. It is also the first developer to get the full Twitter Data Feed.

    PeopleBrowsr’s advantage is the deeper insight it can access into peer-to-peer community relatedness of global networks; mutual friends connections, community relatedness around links, retweets, “likes”, Twitpics and keywords. With the ability to search back over a 360-day period, the custom analytics platform gathers rich metadata from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs and more. Brand managers can create more targeted marketing strategies and campaigns to engage deeper with online communities.


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    PeopleBrowsr is a technology company which provides enterprise, government and Top Level Domain owners with the ability to launch their own social networks and analyze and engage the members of those networks.