• Hey Everyone!
    We're happy to announce that we have agreed to license the Twitter Firehose.

    We are very proud of the strategic relationship that we have with Twitter; we have been working with the Twitter API since 2007.

    The power behind PeopleBrowsr is our deep historical data warehouse that has stored and indexed every single tweet in the PeopleBrowsr servers. This data is ready to be searched and organized into "buckets" of conversations held about brands, events, hot and trending topics, top news, demographics, psychographic groups and more.

    We are able to leverage deep connections between users and topics, connect and engage and activate online communities, offer deep insights into the peer-to-peer relationships of global networks, and run hyper-targeted Twitter campaigns for brand managers and marquee customers.
    PeopleBrowsr can analyze sentiment using a unique human-powered platform on high volume and high velocity streams, and can create all the great B2B applications and services that you enjoy daily, such as Analytic.ly, Dash.ly, and T2.ly.

    We're delighted to now move forward and to see our relationship with Twitter grow stronger. We have believed in Twitter's capacity for a very long time and expect it will continue to evolve as the most open and revolutionary information network. @biz, @ev and all the Twitter team are truly changing the world and we're delighted to contribute to those efforts.

    Twitter has created a new paradigm for sharing information and has allowed its ecosystem to add value with the conversation stream.
    The continual growth of Twitter, and its dynamic impact on the world, is now a key factor for third party developers who want to innovate and provide value to the ecosystem. This is an absolute win-win situation and PeopleBrowsr wants to be on board with Twitter for this new exciting era.

    Thank you Twitter for offering us the privilege of being your biggest fan and supporter.

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