• Explore ReSearch.ly and share your experience to win a MacBook Air. Write a creative tweet describing the benefits of ReSearch.ly or make a screen cast on the best way to deep dive into the Twitter stream and tweet us to enter.

    screencast competition

    Creating communities on the fly has never been so fun! We’ve had such a great time showing our product to marketing managers and social media experts that we thought we’d invite everyone to participate in the action. So far, we’ve seen brilliant approaches to search with our features, and we’re amazed by the different ways you are using ReSearch.ly. We love all the creativity surrounding interest-based graphs, and decided to create a fun Christmas contest for you to demonstrate how you’d like to bring people together based on common interests, topics or trends. And in the spirit of the holidays, our gift is a brand new 11-inch MacBook Air to the creator of the best ReSearch.ly screen cast or the writer of the most creative tweet explaining ReSearch.ly!

    1. Play with ReSearch.ly. Discover different ways to search and create communities based on interests, topics, keywords, location, and more. Read about ReSearch.ly here for an in-depth explanation of product features.

    2. Once you’re familiar with ReSearch.ly, tell us how you use it, share your experience and enter to win a brand new MacBook Air 11-inch.

    You can enter the contest in two ways:

    A. Post a creative tweet to @PeopleBrowsr describing how you’ve used ReSearch.ly or how you’re having a play with the Platform. Make sure you include the hashtag #HowIUseReSearchly for us to find your tweet.

    B. You can be even more creative and play with Screenr.com (or your favorite service) to create a screen cast that describes a search you've created on ReSearch.ly, highlighting: Key word search terms; a community that you’ve chosen; a location that you’ve chosen; results from stream filtering. Once you’ve completed your personalized version of a ReSearch.ly screen cast, send a tweet @PeopleBrowsr with the link to your video - and include the hashtag #HowIuseReSearchly.

    3. You can tweet us multiple creative posts to enter and create as many screen casts as you’d like to win! We will consider all tweeted entries with the hashtag #HowIUseReSearchly.

    4. Follow @PeopleBrowsr and check the ReSearch.ly Home Page for contest updates. The more creative tweet or best screen cast video will win a brand new MacBook Air.

    The odds of winning depend on the number of entries and competitiveness is based on the quality of submissions. The the prize will be assigned if 1000 or more individual entries (published by 1000 or more different Twitter @Names) are received by the competition end date of Sunday, January 3rd, 2011. Please read the  Terms and Conditions prior to entering the contest.

    We’d love to see your personality and creativity with the different ways to approach social search. We’ll be judging entries based on your explanations of how ReSearch.ly benefits social media enthusiasts, and the cool ways you interact with the features.


    Have a play and share the different ways you use ReSearch.ly.

    For questions and ideas plese visit our Forum.

    Good luck from the PeopleBrowsr team... And let the ReSearch begin!

    Search Overview On ReSearch.ly’s Instant Viral Analytics

    To begin a search on ReSearch.ly, enter keywords of interest — whether company name, brand or product name, competitor name or topic. ReSearch.ly first identifies people who are talking about a particular interest, and then instantly drills down to uncover rich data about the Social and Interest Graph, including location, sentiment, gender as well as related word clouds, hashtags, @Names, links. Overall, ReSearch.ly fires off 40 simultaneous searches for any topic and delivers the results almost instantly. This data gives brand managers and social media experts the ability to target specific market segments with unprecedented granularity and ease.

    Terms & Conditions

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