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    Kred influence and outreach measurement is now integrated into Playground, PeopleBrowsr's social analytics platform. Playground users can now instantly identify people with high influence within interest-based communities, by location and more.

    Playground is now the first end-to-end social analytics platform to build in influence measurement based on 1,000 days of collective intelligence.

    Here are two ways that Kred is now part of Playground, with more to come:

    One-Click Kredentials

    A Kred badge is now placed next to every @name in the Engagement and Search applications. When clicked, the Kredentials window opens to reveal a full profile of that person drawn from our 1,000 day Datamine of posts. With a single click, Kredentials sifts through billions of tweets to gather essential information including their Kred score, Top Communities, Followers, Mention Count, Frequently Use Hashtags, Most Mentioned @Names and a word cloud of their most used keywords.

    Kred Integration in PeopleBrowsr's Playground Engagement Center

    On-The-Fly Kred Influence Filtering

    Kred power is now integrated into Playground’s filter rules. Along with the ability to target by gender, sentiment, links and urgency, people mentioning a keyword can be filtered by their Kred Influence or Outreach Level. Use this feature to instantly pinpoint people talking about your brand or product with high influence.

    Kred Filtering in PeopleBrowsr's Playground Search

    Kred in Playground helps you engage with your true target audience and with the people that matter most. Best of all, it’s available to all our customers at no extra cost.  Log on today for a 14-day free trial!

    For more information, tweet us at @peoplebrowsr or mail to contact@peoplebrowsr.com.

  • Shawn Roberts