• Our friends at Visual.ly launched their new Visually Create platform today.  Powered by social data from the PeopleBrowsr API, Visually Create is a free automated tool for letting anyone - even non-designers - create attractive, engaging infographics based on deep social data.

    Visually Create is a fantastic example of how the PeopleBrowsr API simplifies development of unique, fast custom applications built on social data.  With instant access to over 1,000 days of Twitter metadata 2008, Facebook posts and over 40 million blogs and forums, the PeopleBrowsr API instantly delivers incredibly social metadata to support any application.

    Visually Create welcome screen

    “We launched Visual.ly because we believe infographics are the future.  [Visually Create] lets anyone play with the power of data visualization, harnessing the best in design from our community,” said Stew Langille, co-founder and CEO of Visual.ly.

    We love Visually Create because it demonstrates just one of the creative ways that social data from the PeopleBrowsr API can support business initiatives and applications.

    Give Visually Create a try today and let us know how you like it in the comments below.

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  • Shawn Roberts