• Brandwatch is making social influence a key part of their social media monitoring tool with Kred.  Kred will now be integrated into the Brandwatch platform so social media analysts can quickly and easily pinpoint key influencers.

    Drawn to the accuracy and transparency of Kred's influence measurement, Brandwatch partnered with Kred to help social media teams using their platform easily sort through billions of daily conversations to identify the people on social networks who can have a big impact on their business.

    The Kred integration will allow users to rank people mentioning a brand by their influence and outreach, and guide them in targeting the right audience and providing optimal response to service requests.

    In the Brandwatch application, analysts can view anyone’s follower count and Kred score. They can even dive as deep as viewing a mention’s reach score, and the number of times it has been retweeted!  Who knows what the power of social influence can be used for next?

    Read more about updates to Brandwatch’s platform here.

  • Shawn Roberts