• Al Gore Tops the List for Influencers; Shervin Pishevar is #1 Outreacher

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 26, 2012 – Kred, the community influence and outreach measure from social analytics leader PeopleBrowsr, today released its list of Most Influential Venture Capitalists in Social Media (http://venturecapital.kred.com). Kred’s list is segmented into Top Influencers, which measures how frequently a person is retweeted, replied, mentioned and followed on Twitter, and Top Outreachers, which measures a person’s retweets, replies and mentions of others.

    Kred’s top three Influencers in Venture Capital are:

    1. Al Gore (972/3), co-founder and chairman of Generation Investment Management
    2. Biz Stone (967/5), the co-founder of Twitter, Inc. and advisor at Spark Capital
    3. Kevin Rose (966/6), partner in Google Ventures

    The top three Outreachers are:

    1. Shervin Pishevar (892/9), managing director at Menlo Ventures
    2. Tristan Walker (899/9), entrepreneur-in-residence at Andreessen Horowitz
    3. Dave McClure (914/9), venture capitalist & founding partner at 500 Startups

    “For companies looking to connect with VCs, the Kred outreach score provides a good indication of those people who really ‘get’ social” and are most likely to be open to a discussion about funding,” said Andrew Grill, CEO of Kred.

    Using its social measurement technologies, Kred first determines the most active members of the venture capital community; it then uses its influence-scoring methodology to measure Influence (the ability to inspire action in others) and Outreach (a person’s generosity in engaging with others and helping them spread their message). The information is based on four years of Twitter data.

    “Kred’s ‘Most Influential Venture Capitalists in Social Media’ list demonstrates how far social analytics has come. We now have the ability to zero in on influential people – their opinions, preferences, interests and inclinations,” said Andrew Grill, CEO, Kred. “This type of social intelligence has profound implications across many industries and disciplines.

    For a complete list of Kred’s Top 50 Influencers and Outreachers in Venture Capital, visit http://venturecapital.kred.com/.

    About Kred
    Kred, created by social analytics leader PeopleBrowsr, measures influence in online communities connected by interests. Kred celebrates the power of personal influence and generosity at the heart of human relationships - tight groups of friends and subject matter experts. It is the first social scoring system with scores for Influence and Outreach that value engagement and interaction over follower count.  Kred is based on 1,200 days of social data and offers completely transparent score calculation.

    For marketers, Kred presents the opportunity to discover trusted, engaged influencers who can help them spread their message quickly.  Kred scores are free for anyone to view at http://kred.com and are offered as part of PeopleBrowsr’s portfolio of social analytics solutions for marketers, governments and consumers. Learn more at http://kred.com.

  • Shawn Roberts