• (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) – February 7, 2013 – PeopleBrowsr becomes the strongest influence and social data analytics company with today’s announcement of Swaylo acquisition.

    PeopleBrowsr, the leader in social analytics and the creator of the community influence measure Kred, announced the acquisition of Swaylo, the provider of Facebook influence analytics and marketing campaigns. With the addition of Swaylo, PeopleBrowsr becomes the most extensive social analytics datamine and Kred becomes the strongest influence measure.

    “We believe that social data should be open, accessible and understandable by anyone who wishes to use it, whether they are marketers or individuals,” said Jodee Rich, CEO of PeopleBrowsr. “The acquisition of Swaylo and its technology reinforces Kred as the deepest, most transparent and most useful measure of influence and outreach for anyone that wants to find influential people on any subject.”

    The Swaylo integration establishes Kred on Facebook. Peoplebrowsr is thrilled with this addition to the product suite. ‘Kred for Facebook’ will allow a new generation of users to correlate and understand their influence across social networking sites. Further, this allows Peoplebrowsr the amazing opportunity to help users discover content they will love,” said Andrew Grill, CEO Kred. The Kred for Facebook application, including Kred Rewards, is now powered by Swaylo. SwayloPro, Swaylo’s on-demand analytics on the interests, influence and demographics of fan bases across Facebook Pages will be integrated into Kred’s Kred for Brands offering. Kred for Brands provides brands with on-demand access to influence, interest and demographic analytics on Facebook Page fans, and @name account analytics and self-serve influencer lists for Twitter.

    The integration of PeopleBrowsr and Swaylo brings the size of the new Analytics Datamine to more than 400 terabytes, with over half a trillion conversations from Twitter and Facebook, the full Twitter firehose since 2008—1500 days of posts, and over 500 million profiles across Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums.  PeopleBrowsr continues to add to its Datamine in real time, processing 10,000 posts per second and adding metadata collected from profiles, interests and connections.

    "Swaylo's marketing technologies deliver high-impact results from the influence, interests, activities and relationships they analyze across hundreds of millions Facebook users," said Sabrina Riddle, Swaylo CEO. “The combination of PeopleBrowsr and Swaylo creates the strongest influence measure for marketers who want to identify, understand and activate everyday influential people within specific communities at scale across Facebook and Twitter and drive ROI for their business.”

    Swaylo’s operations and team, including CEO Sabrina Riddle, will join PeopleBrowsr’s headquarters in San Francisco.  “We are tremendously pleased to have Swaylo join our operations. The addition of Sabrina and her team immediately provides us with the operational scale to integrate Swaylo’s technology, evolve Kred and deliver powerful targeted influence marketing solutions under the Kred brand,” said Jodee Rich, CEO, PeopleBrowsr.

    About PeopleBrowsr / Kred
    PeopleBrowsr is the leader in the social analytics revolution and the creator of the world’s only open, transparent social influence measure, Kred. PeopleBrowsr believes social analytics can accurately depict human behaviors like influence and generosity and that the openness and transparency of social networks will be the catalyst for the next great leap in community and productivity.

    Powered by a 400 terabyte datamine of 1,500 days of social media posts, PeopleBrowsr creates end-to-end social media marketing solutions, identifying the most influential people and making them accessible for analysis and engagement. Kred discovers the most influential people by interest-based community and location in real time. The actions that affect Kred scores are fully transparent to the public. Kred Story delivers a rich visual discovery of the most engaging interactions and social content that matters to you. Kred Rewards campaigns on Facebook and Twitter connect influencers with products, services and causes they will love. Kred for Brands provides brands with on-demand access to influence, interest and demographic analytics on Facebook Page fans, and @name account analytics and self-serve influencer lists for Twitter.


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