• 18 Days to dotCEO GA…...Counting Down

    We are investing over $1m to promote dotCEO to CEOs.
    Every week or so we will send our valued Registrar partners a Marketing update.

    We have an Expression of Interest book of almost 2000 leads

    *Those partners who meet our Lead Conversion Landing page Guidelines will receive a share of the leads we generate on the 26th March (2 days before GA).


    The Lead Conversion Page must:

    1. Contain the dotCEO Logo

    2. Include an explanation about dotCEO. Like the dotCEO video

    3. Be exclusive to dotCEO

    4. Make dotCEO Domain Names available for purchase



    Here is an example of the Lead Conversion Page from our friends at Name.com to use as a guide.

    24 Hours of Sunrise...
    Sunrise ends on Tuesday this week.
    Almost 100 brands have registered a dotCEO domain name.
    40 of the Fortune 500 have registered, including one Fortune 100 CEO who has registered four dotCEO domains.
    Help us exceed 100 :-)

    A big thank you to our Registrar Partners who have featured dotCEO during Sunrise. The Registrar’s listed in the table below have helped the Sunrise launch of dotCEO be such a success!





    CSC Global

    BB Online UK Limited


    101 Domains



    IP Mirror

    IP Mirror






    Net-Chinese Co

    GMO Internet




    The information below outlines the initiatives that are currently underway. All are aimed at boosting the brand awareness of dotCEO:


    1.   Around the world in 20 days dotCEO Global Tour - The typewriter days of the Internet are over

    The dotCEO Global Tour is a series of events for influential CEOs to explain and showcase the dotCEO identity and network.
    We are calling it The typewriter days of the Internet are over.

    It started with early adopter CEOs in NYC at the Crosby st Hotel. There were 150 NYC CEOs and Influencers.

    Some of our TLD industry friends joined - Jennie Marie, Monty Kahn, Ray King, Jeff Sass, and Joe Alagna.

    There were some great comments:
    “I will begin next steps to secure my dotCEO today.” - Reginald Christian

    Then yesterday during SXSW in Austin we hosted 80 CEO’s at the Four Season’s Hotel. Again, there were some great comments:
    “I just reserved my name on the new dotCEO domain.” @EGOstrokes

    We have had over 200 RSVPs to our San Francisco event this Wednesday.


    • Los Angeles

    • Sydney

    • Singapore

    • Hong Kong

    • London

    • Melbourne

    • Sydney

    We received many leads top influencers wanting a personal dotCEO and one for their organization.


    2.   dotCEO Leads for Registrars

    dotCEO is aggressively doing its own direct marketing to drive domain buyer leads to our Registrar Partners.  We have over 2000 expressions of interest.  We will be generating many thousands more and will be sending them to our top registrar partners.


    3.   400,000  Email Datamine- Direct Email Campaign

    Using PeopleBrowsr's Datamine we extracted data on 400,000

    4.   Explainer Videos

    The PeopleBrowsr Marketing team has created a number of promotional videos, which can be used to explain dotCEO and Top Level Domains generally.



    • What is a Top Level Domain: A cartoon explainer video that drives awareness of new Top-Level Domains amongst the general public. This is available as a white label video

    5.   Partnering with CEO groups

    We have expanded our CEO network by partnering with Professional Associations such as Business Chicks with 35,000 members. The Business Chicks dotCEO was one of very first dotCEO pages launched.


    See article: Are you a dotCEO?


    6.   Community Pages

    Eg NYC.CEO

    We have partnered with influential and well-connected CEOs by geographic and industry community.  These partners include authors, bloggers, marketers and social media super influencers that have access to their own network of CEOs.

    We have identified the world's most diverse and innovative communities, which will be the targeted CEO directories.  An example of a Community Page that we have already set up is www.NYC.CEO.  This is a place where all New York CEOs on Top-Level.CEO can get their profile featured.


    7.   Industry Advertising

    We have advertised on gTLD-related blogs and websites including Domain Incite and CircleID.  In one of the most recent advertising campaigns, 6 TLD Leaders were featured in a 2-week advertising blitz on every page of Domain Incite to promote dotCEO Sunrise.


    See Link: Advertising campaign on Domain Incite


    We also have other campaigns that are ready to be advertised on several other platforms to drive the brand awareness.


    8.   1 million CEOs

    We identified 1 million CEOs and Entrepreneurs and created a customised landing page for these 1 million people.


    9.   VIP CEOs

    We identified high-profile CEOs through multiple social media platforms and built several hundred beautiful high-level resolution landing pages for these selected CEOs.


    See example: http://emmaisaacs.ceo


    10.   Social Media Campaigns

    Our Social Media team is expanding our dotCEO network daily by running campaigns across our three main platforms;



    1.  Added over 100 new 1st level CEO connections per day

    2.  Relevant CEO, entrepreneur updates and articles have been posted to the dotCEO and PeopleBrowsr pages

    3.  Event updates and relevant dotCEO information has been posted in what we have identified as the top 20 most influential CEO groups, based on the number of members and group activity



    1.  Daily status updates to our 4 Twitter accounts

    @PeopleBrowsr (Company page) - 30,000 followers


    @Kred - 32,700 followers

    …. and just launched @dotCEO (official brand channel)
    @dotCEOangels (Customer Service channel)

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