• Over the last few months we have welcomed a large number of high achieving CEOs to the CEO Registry.

    From time to time we plan to share their successes and very cool stories.

    Mark Dwight is our first, and most recent SanFrancisco.CEO Member.

    Mark has just launched a Kickstarter campaign. It is in an early stage and has already exceeded targets, rapidly moving into the “Popular” Category.


    Mark’s Kickstarter project is an Amazing Backpack, made of an advanced fiber that reflects light like a mirror.

    Most recently, the Amazing Reflective Backpack got the nod from CoolHunting.com being mentioned in their latest "Link About It" weekly round-up of cool stuff on the web.

    I have been riding a bicycle to school and work for over 40 years.

    I bought myself one of his backpacks last weekend!



    Most of you have probably heard of the incredible success of “the Coolest Cooler” - raising over $13m on Kickstarter last month!

    The secret to a popular Kickstarter is awesome product and a great video.

    Mark inspired us to add a new feature to the CEO Registry Identity page that auto-plays his Kickstarter video. You can see it on his CEO page MarkDwight.CEO

    I hope you all like it, and join me in supporting a fellow CEO Registry member. I have tweeted and posted on LinkedIn.

    *If you are a CEO Registry Member involved in something inspiring let us know and we will share your good work with the global CEO network.

    And finally, if you are not already a member of the CEO Registry - you can Sign up here

    Jodee Rich

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