• One of our goals with Kred is to always be transparent. A great place to start is assuring that everyone can understand their score, how it got to be what it is, and what actions will increase it. In this post, we’ll reveal how actions produce Influence Points and how those points are assembled to generate Kred Influence.


    Influence Points

    Kred gives Influence Points every time there is an exchange that indicates someone inspired another person to take action: replying to them, mentioning them in a post, retweeting their content, or following them or their list.

    Kred assigns 10 points for the most common actions like being @replied, retweeted or mentioned in a conversation. More points are given for events that have bigger impact, like having a message retweeted by someone with more than 10,000 followers.

    Converting Influence Points To Kred Influence

    After determining a person’s total Influence Points, Kred then translates them to a Kred Influence Score. Kred Influence is normalized on a 1,000 point scale, so the rate at which Influence points convert to an Influence score constantly changes as everyone in the social universe accrues points. The conversion rate varies within each interest-based community and changes over time as community members accrue more points and new people join in.

    The ‘Points To Score Conversion Rate’ curve grows steeper as your Kred Influence Score grows: the higher your Kred Influence, the more points it takes to move up your Kred Influence Score by one point.

    At the beginning of November, 2011, we looked at the Points To Score Conversion Rate at the Global level to see how many points it takes to increase Kred Influence by one point at different scores.

    We then graphed Influence Points against Kred Influence. As you can imagine from the Conversion Rate, the curve starts flat and becomes quite steep as it progressively takes more points to grow Kred Influence.

    In a future post, we’ll talk about the overall distribution curve of Global Kred Influence Scores. If you have more questions about how Kred is calculated, we always keep a complete summary at our Kred Rules page and we will update these charts on a monthly basis. You can also ask questions in the comments below or tweet us at @kred.

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