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    The business card, once the networking star, is having trouble keeping pace in the lightning-speed digital world. These days the flimsy paper rectangle feels like it is better at collecting dust in your office drawer, rather than passing on contact information that leads to meaningful business relationships. Business cards only relay a small amount of basic information, can’t stay on top of social media and are easily forgotten. (How many times have we all reached for ours, only to realize we left them at the office?)

    .CEO, on the other hand, takes all of the vital details from a business card and brings them to life on an online platform that can showcase much more than an email address and title. A .CEO domain allows the user to build their own personal brand page with a nice bright portrait, a summary of accomplishments and links to social media presences, company websites, blogs and endorsements. A video introduction can be added and a contact portal is also there to directly put two people in touch. And, unlike other online information providers, .CEO doesn’t allow third parties to mine the data and profit from it.

    .CEO Registry Video

    “I’m old school, and I still believe that business is about relationships, but everything is moving towards a more digital presence,” says Monica Coney, the founder of the company Chief Executive Connections whose clients have included Fortune 200 corporations. “My .CEO website allows me to pull all of the pieces together in one site and paint a fuller picture of myself.”


    Besides providing a one-stop shop, .CEO displays the curated information on a cleanly-designed page that is easier to navigate than a text-heavy LinkedIn profile, which requires extensive scrolling to learn about someone’s work history. Users can easily upload their photo or post a video. “I like the video linkage because it's a high-impact channel for telling a story," says Alan See, the principal of CMO Temps. "The video style I used provides potential clients with an example of my leadership and presentation skills." On his .CEO page, See introduces himself with a professionally-produced clip that follows him around the boardroom and highlights his business acumen. Over the span of about two minutes, visitors can view See in action and hear about how he has gained a Twitter following of nearly 80,000 people—a major selling point for his social media strategy services.


    As the online universe becomes more cluttered, one way for people to stand out from the crowd using standard .com web addresses is to further differentiate themselves with a more creative, more identifying domain name. For CEOs and executives, .CEO is just that. It is credible and memorable, and becoming the virtual neighborhood where key decision-makers reside. “The domain self-brands,” says See. “People with these names are executives.” And, unlike a paper business card that has to be reprinted at an additional cost every time someone changes jobs, a .CEO page is easy to edit and can seamlessly evolve with every step up the corporate ladder, as this one-minute tutorial video shows.

    A .CEO domain is the business card of the future. Be there first.


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