GoDaddy are a relatively new business and are now the world’s leading domain registrar. With the 2014 and 2015 release of new Top Level Domains (.Club, .CEO, .Best, .Wiki and many others), their market is about to go through the next phase of growth.

    After recently negotiating a vendor agreement with GoDaddy, we have written this post to share our perception of this industry leader as they prepare for their IPO:


    What’s great about GoDaddy Now


    1. Everyone knows them
    Best described by a story we heard - A 3rd year Boston University class was given the assignment to build a website and the whole class opened their browser and went to GoDaddy.

    2. They put their customers first with industry leading service
    Over a 3 month period we made dozens of mystery calls to their customer service team in North America, UK and Asia. 95% of calls were answered in less than 10 seconds.
    Almost every agent was friendly and knowledgeable - apparently they have 3,300 agents!
    For a big company  - the negative sentiment on Social Media is relatively low - their Kred Influence score is 976 and outreach 10/12.

    3. They are passionate about supporting SMBs
    GoDaddy has a whole section dedicated to helping small to medium sized Businesses.
    Now, SMB owners can get their domain at GoDaddy, and work directly with an expert who can help design and set up their website, as well optimize the page for Google searches.

    4. They sell many domains names
    We estimate that over 50% of all new domains sold in North America are bought from GoDaddy. They have quickly risen to being our most important retailer - last month they sold more domains than all of our other registrars combined. Thanks for buying GoDaddy.Best!

    5. They have a dedicated management team, who make themselves available at almost any hour to answer your questions.
    And if they don’t have the answer readily available, they work hard to find answers in a growing and increasingly distributed organisation.

    6. Their CEO Blake Irving supports his Partners
    When important negotiations broke down, Blake spent an hour on the phone with our CEO to help reach an agreement.
    Blake supported us and invested in his own CEO Registry domain BlakeIrving.CEO

    Blake Irving - CEO of GoDaddy

    7. They are responsive to criticism
    Earlier this year, GoDaddy received pushback over its Super Bowl ad that featured puppies at a farm. The story was covered widely in the media, seeing Animal Rights groups speak out against the commercial. Instead of shying away from the controversy, GoDaddy met it head on by pulling the ad, releasing a letter to the public and assuring everyone that Buddy, the puppy in the commercial, is now living in the loving home of a longtime GoDaddy employee.

    8. One deal - They are global.
    GoDaddy markets and more importantly supports their customers in 17 different languages.
    With a single agreement, their Partners have global coverage.
    24% of their business is international, and will grow to over 40%.


    How GoDaddy can grow


    1. Create Community and Market
    GoDaddy hosts many millions of SMB websites. Many of these sites are best in class - Inspire us and tell us about your SMB heroes by industry and location. GoDaddy is positioned beautifully to create SMB community.
    Turn your Domain name marketplace into a SMB marketplace
    Again  - You host many millions of SMB web sites, it’s time to bring them together.
    Build a marketplace featuring the wonderful goods and services of the millions of websites you host and make it easy for us to trade with one another.

    2. Keep working on your Domain search engine.
    There are now over 500 new TLDs and your Domain search engine continues to feature dotCom
    “It is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to find the name that best suits their needs”. The world is now dotMany.

    3. Buy more from your SMB customer base.
    Wholefoods are leading the way and you’re next! Spend some of that $80 million per month in OPEX with the millions of SMBs who support you.

    *GoDaddy we think you are really great. Good luck with your IPO

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