I spent 4 days in Boston last week at HubSpot INBOUND15 with PeopleBrowsr Team buddy Cameron Bale.

    This post was inspired by Julie Hogan, HubSpot's VP Global Customer Success.


    Headline News


    Inbound Marketing Automation is hot emerging tech and HubSpot are leading with attitude, commitment, great UI, support and an integrated end to end solution.

    New HubSpot features were announced that tightly bind sales and marketing flows - Prospecting, Lead data Insights, Referral connections, Sales sequencing (Go to Huspot.com/new)


    Coolest People and Speakers

    Jonah Peretti Buzzfeed - Best speaker. Totally authentic and v funny

    Frank Auger - HubSpot Exec and Foodie (took me to lunch at Strega). Smart, tough guy Services Chief in charge of lots of people

    Ellen Rohlfing - her replay act of falling off a stand up paddle board with Brian Halligan was a highlight.

    Verity Dearsley and her Dad Bob Dearsley - Impressive UK Hubspot Agency Partners

    Daniel Lynton - Hubspot Integration Guru

    Chris Brogan -  getting married. Met his lovely fiancee. Congrats

    Phil Gerbyshak (pictured on the far right below) - Funny, insightful speaker and blogger

    Arjun Moorthy - VP Business Development Hubspot.

    Romeo the HubSpot Dog  - he is definitely a person and I expect will learn to talk for the next keynote at INBOUND16


    Daily Food Trucks - Ribs, Yummy salad, Woodfired Pepperoni Pizza, Tacos, Chinese dumplings….and the biggest juiciest Jumbo Shrimp I have ever seen at the Legal Waterfront party


    New book

    Jeffrey Hayzlett launched his new book Think Big act Bigger - The Rewards of Being Relentless. Here is a 30 sec street grab of Jeff and I outside a Boston Bar Trade



    Most innovative new company


    Bedrock Data  -  John and Ben are creating a world of connected Marketing Automation Platforms for SMBs and Enterprise customers



    A few Pearls


    "Everyone is connected to everyone else you meet." - Peter Shankman
    No more follows or connects - interactions rather than formal connections will drive stream content ranking.
    "Dont chase likes, do something likable" -
    “There is no easy button, stop looking for it”.
    BRAINS - “Bring Random Amazement Into Normal Situations”


    Todd Rowe, Google MD - owning the customer problem.
    "If users cant spell its our problem"


    "Busier than a mosquito in a laser show" (I dont think this is quite the right quote!) - Brian Halligan.
    Founders Brian and Dharmesh were transported into an 80’s video game, battled their demons and emerged with new Hubspot features for the 10,000 plus #INBOUND15 crowd.

    "A few years ago anyone who posted a profile picture of themsleves was a douche" - Aziz Ansari


    Best Dressed

    Sophia Amoruso

    Best slides


    13,000 girls under the age of 15 will marry every day - Chelsea Clinton


    How to make a great youtube video (...and Header Slide, thanks to Stephen) -Stephen Voltz



    StructSales Flow Summary - Oliver Lopez


    Best Handout

    Uberflips: How to use HubSpot and Uberflip


    Best Videos

    Weird things couples fight about -

    -Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed

    Best Dancing Award

    Bill Halligan dancing on stage chanting "We need to "UN-SUCK" the #salesbusiness"


    Best Business card



    Bill Macaitis who answered my Q about the Slack Roadmap:

    1. Conversation tracking
    2. Direct messages
    3. Click on a name and call
    4. 400 new Integrations in the pipeline


    Inbound fuels my …..board

    Discovered there is a Secret group of ex-HubSpotters. Thanks Drew Wallace 

    We ranked the Inbound 2015 by their Kred Influence and Outreach Scores, and awarded the best speakers with Kred Moments during their presentation. Congrats Kred team - We had over 1,000 RTs, Favs, and Follows.

    Individual Kred Speaker Scores are in the www.Twitter.com/Kred stream

    Favorite moments

    Great reaction to our Sneak preview of the KredStream Hubspot Integration - turns a HubSpot list into a Social Stream and then sends Social Actions back to the HubSpot Customer timeline.


    HubSpot Thank You's


    Big Well Done Laura Fitton INBOUND Director and Evangelist

    Thank you Jeetu Mahtani and Ryan Bonnici for organizing our tickets

    Frank Auger - Wonderful Company and Delicious Lunch at Strega

    Julie Hogan - the Hubspot Tour and post inspirer (this post is in part a reply to Julie's post - We are lucky to have YOU)

    Sam Schoolman - For bringing Hubspot and PeopleBrowsr together

    Brian and Dharmesh - Creating an incredible company that will help us all change the world :-)

    Cameron Bale for being a great PeopleBrowsr buddy

    PS: We are hiring a HubSpot Marketing Automation Expert to join our Sydney Marcom team - Anyone in Boston want to come to Australia for two years?


    Apply here: http://inbound.org/job/view/peoplebrowsr-inc/marketing-automation-manager

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