• Brands are now coming out, with their own TLDs - Elliot Antrobus-Holder made a very informative presentation on Sunday and we love dotBarclays Home.Barclays

    Our mantra to Brand TLDs was “your audience has an audience”


    Watch the video here

    Our Brand presentation summarized:
    “Turn your most influential customers into brand advocates”

    We used our own Kred Influencer Brand as a use case Home.Kred

    More here about our Platform for Brands - BrandTLDPlatform.Best

    Thank you to Philip Sheppard (@Philip_Sheppard) of the Brand
    Registry Group for making it possible to present to fellow brand TLDs.




    IC3Mr Donuts
    Matt Bamonte (@MattBamonte)

    The Honey pot - We showed Matt how we use SLDs as content to attract new registrations
    More here:



    DNA Breakfast on board the good ship Cill Airne



    On the upper deck CEO Jodee Rich (@Wingdude) presented to the DNA members.

    “How do we spread the word about TLDs to billions of people ?”

    Adrian Kinderis had great insight saying, “We’re approaching the greatest challenge this sector has ever faced as new and evolving technologies and applications challenge our industry’s utility...The domain industry must create our own momentum from within our ranks.

    We believe that same, and have created a platform to use the TLD Industry’s greatest assets (the millions of people who have already created new TLD web sites) to attract new registrants.

    We presented how a searchable zone file is content that attracts new content
    Eg Domains.Best/Tattoo where we can identify beautiful Tattoo resolving pages.  

    We are working on a special project with the DNA marketing committee -  Domain Showcase. It will become a resource for brand managers and reporters, featuring beautiful, resolving sites using the new gTLDs.

    We are very lucky to have such a talented group running the DNA, and we highly recommend joining the association



    • Our fearless Captain and Chairman Adrian Kinderis (@AdrianKinderis) - unstoppable energy and passion
    • Jeff Sass (@Sass) - the worlds best TLD  marketer

    • Judy Song-Marshall - Creative and great with partnerships

    • Simon Cousins (@simon_cousins) - one of the best marcom gurus we have ever met. Love his work in China
    • Statton Hammock (@StattonHammock) - V sharp legal mind
    • Rich Merdinger (@rmerdinger) - a real gentleman and very commercially savvyIC6


    .Global Activating Community of 20k

    We shared our Inbound Marketing solution with Rolf Larsen (@RolfLarsen) and his team, showing how we can utilize current registrants to build communities and new leads.  Domains.Best/Global

    Rolf liked the idea that .Global’s current customers are their most valuable marketing asset and is making plans to activate the .Global community.


    A short summary
    PeopleBrowsr TLD Platform Assets

    More here TLDPlatform.Best

    Yoga example:

    1. TLD MicroSites - A landing page that provides consumers information on your TLD, and acts as an entry point to your registration flow.
    2. Single TLD Claim Flows - A focused registration site where your customers can register a domain and activate a site without the distraction of other TLDs.
    3. Searchable Zone File Communities - You can search all resolving SLDs in your TLD’s Zone File, displaying linked screenshots of resolving SLDs, providing examples of real domains currently being used.
    4. TLD Leaderboard - Rank SLD owners by Kred Score to Find your most influential customers and gamify social engagement with your TLD.
    5. Top Level Stream - Your Social Stream that encourages interaction between your SLD owners, while sharing Registry news and content.yoga



    We have consistently discussed the importance of a Single TLD experience for customers, and the ability for domain owners to become a strong community, transforming their web presence into more than just a domain.  

    IC9Ray King (@RathBone), Andrew Merriam (@AndMerriam), and the Porkbun Team see the Single TLD experience as a must have for the new TLD space.  To show their dedication to this idea, they have created http://Get.CEO to keep consumers focussed on a single TLD.

    We are activating Domains.Best/Design





    When we presented ClaimMy.Club to Jeff Sass (@Sass) at .Club, he immediately identified with the platform - “it is the next generation club platform”




    We had a chance to sit down with Steve Machin (@SteveMachin) at .Tickets, who was excited about creating a leaderboard ranking event SLDs.


    Watch the video here


    ICANN 54 Leaderboard:

    We created the ICANN 54 Leaderboard displaying ICANN 54 Attendees, ranking the individuals by Influence (powered by Kred)  

    Go to http://ICANN54.Kred to see where you and your friends rank!



    ICANN Parties:

    Thank you to Ben Crawford (@_BenCrawford_) for hosting a wonderful tea party with the most Delicious Scones.  We are looking forward to working with Ben (@_BenCrawford_), Mar (@MarPerezTwitts) and the Centralnic team to communitize and promote UK.Com and US.Com.




    It was also great to see many people at the Uniregistry party.  We are excited to work with Amanda (@AmandaFessenden), who is thinking outside the box for .Photo by using our platform to create new sales channels for distribution - Domains.Best/Photo





    Thank You:

    A larger team came with us to Dublin so we could meet with as many of our partners as possible and present our Inbound Marketing solution.

    Thank you to all who took time out of their busy ICANN Schedules to meet with us.  It is truly great to share and learn about all of the creative ways our partners are working to make the internet a better more useful place.


    Pictured (Left to Right) - Steve Moore CTO, Chris Murphy GM, Jodee Rich CEO, Mike Deparini VP Operations SF, Cameron Bale Director of User Experience


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