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    Social media is all about creating engagement. My biggest Twitter tip for newbies is this:

    Don’t get obsessed with how many followers you have – Focus on connections.

    So, how can you measure whether someone’s social media influence is legitimate and not bought?

    I simply look at people’s Kred score and it gives me an idea, at a quick glance, whether their social media influence is real thanks to its scoring system.



    Using Kred to do this is an advanced concept and you may feel as though you have no need for this. And that’s completely fine. But if you are interested, you’ve got the tools you need at your fingertips.

    And let’s face it, these days, people are talking more and more about people being real and authentic. Especially in the online space where it’s so easy to be something you’re not.

    For those actively seeking out joint ventures, Kred is a new twist on the idea of Googling someone to find out more about them (come on, we all do it!).

    Another important discussion point is Twitter lists. They allow you to manage your followers and segment them into towns, cities, countries and so on.

    You can have 1,000k lists with up to 5,0000 people in each: most of us will never max these out so it’s virtually an unlimited resource at your disposal.

    Before we go, I want to give you an example of how I use lists. I know that 55 per cent of my followers are based in the US. So, I segment these followers into separate cities (Montreal, Boston, Los Angeles and so on). So, when I come to do my US tour (it will happen one day), I can easily reach out to these people and let them know I’m in town and appearing at a certain location.

    Remember: Social Media is all about using the tools you’ve got to engage with people.

    Next time: we pull everything we’ve learnt in the series together and I’ll provide you with a workable strategy.


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