• The dilemma that formerly applied to emails and blog names, is now up for debate in Social Handles. Which perform better online: Branded or Personal Twitter Accounts?

    What’s the difference?

    The separation of personal accounts from brands is common practice across many social platforms, including Twitter. Blue Verification checks show prominent brands ranging from Tech Companies to Fast food Chains.

    Personal twitter accounts are focused on the thoughts and opinions of an individual. The audience assumes the tweets are being solely written and posted by the account owner. While that individual may have their own personal brand, the Twitter account in question is focused on one person.

    Accounts for brands combine a marketing and customer service voice in order to convey their message. Tweets can be written by 3rd-party advertising agencies, internal marketing team members, customer service reps, or even in some cases the CEO themself.Learn More about Kred

    How do they Score?

    We took a look at a few examples of high-scoring individual influencers and large companies who are using Kred. The score shown is split into 2 parts: Influence and Outreach. Influence refers to how many people are talking about you, Outreach shows how much you are talking or engaging with others (For more on scoring algorythims, see Rules).

    Individual Twitter Accounts:


    Branded or Corporate Twitter Accounts:


    The Influence Scores (seen highlighted in green) were higher on average for the Corporate accounts, while the Outreach Scores (in blue) are much higher for the individuals. In order to keep a highly engaged following, brands rely heavily on the new posts that they put out, while individuals gain precedence from the conversations that they inspire and engage with.

    Unlike other Social Scoring mechanisms, Kred shows the ins and outs of your ranking. More than a number, Kred shows where your reach is expanding, and where it needs more effort put in. To learn more about Kred Scoring, see our guide here.

    Curious about how your score stacks up? Get a free year of Kred by paying with a tweet and start growing your Influence and Outreach today.
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