• What do Influencers say is the perfect Ratio of Followers vs Following?

    What is your ratio? How many followers do you have, compared to the number of people you’re following? Are you following far more people than are following you back?

    They key to a perfect ratio is the appearance of authenticity. Everyone starts at the bottom with zero followers. Users can’t be forced to follow you, but you also don’t want to wait too long if your numbers aren’t growing fast enough.

    So is the best strategy to use then? And what is the perfect ratio of followers vs. followers?

    Twitter Following vs Followers

    As reported by digiwriteit.com, The chart below shows the “perfect proportion” (a ratio of 1:2) of followers and following in Twitter in order to receive the highest rate of "Follow Backs."


    As the image shows above, you can see that the most important rule for gaining Twitter followers is to increase gradually. It is essential that you get at least 20% of the users you follow to follow you back before you move on to the next group of followers.

    Following the pattern above will increase your exposure, engagement, and popularity among your chosen audience, therefore getting you closer and closer to “The Perfect Ratio.”

    What's the Secret?


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