• Foolproof is a UK-based user experience design consultancy that focuses on utilizing consumer insights to aid in business decision making. Since many of their product decisions are driven by consumer data, they understand the value of adopting a solid social media strategy that fosters conversation and increases engagement.

    Foolproof needed a way to measure the impact of its campaigns, both during and after their completion, and ensure they were really increasing conversation surrounding their company and projects.

    Drawing from our deep datamine of the Twitter firehose since 2008, Foolproof tracked the number of times @foolproof_ux was mentioned over the past three years, and the source of the spike in conversation surrounding each social media initiative.

    As you can see in the graph above, certain campaigns proved to be more effective than others. Not only was there a huge spike in mentions during the UX500 and Going Mobile campaigns, but they also had a sustained impact with mentions continued to increase after the campaign’s completion. By tapping into PeopleBrowsr’s data, Foolproof was able to better understand which campaigns should be used as building blocks for future initiatives, instilling management confidence in social media for consumer outreach.

    “The ability to extract historical social data is invaluable for measuring the impact of our agency’s social campaigns and analyzing sentiment surrounding company news. The amount of data and analysis available with PeopleBrowr’s platform is unparalleled, and I would recommend it to any agency looking for a solid foundation for its social strategy.”

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  • Shawn Roberts