PeopleBrowsr Connect

Sitting in the bottom right corner of every Profile is PeopleBrowsr Connect. Click or tap the button to see popular actions like Connect, Give +Kred and Message.

Call to Action

Whether you’re an individual or a brand, you have an agenda. Drag and drop text, media and buttons onto your profiles and drive traffic through to your products or services.

Call to Action
Get Feedback

Get Feedback

Drop a Feedback widget onto your profile and allow your fans and followers to leave comments and ratings.

Collect Leads directly on your Page

Add a simple Email Collector to your page and allow your visitors to submit their contact information. Submissions get automatically tagged and added to your Engagement Center.

Email Collector

Reward Friends with +Kred

Kred is the world’s most transparent Influence Metric. When you see a profile you like, let them know by giving them +Kred and an instant boost to their Influence points.