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PeopleBrowsr has developed a single TLD Inbound Marketing Platform to help the growing gTLD community develop their end-to-end user experience from social prospecting to customer retention and increasing resolving domains. 

Using the TLD platform and technology developed by PeopleBrowsr, TLDs now can offer their customers not only a domain, but access to an online Community, featuring personalized ID Pages, Community pages, Social Streams, Leaderboards, performance metrics, downloadable content and Microsites.

PeopleBrowsr empowers TLD owners to offer their customers their own Communities and social Streams, giving the end user the tools they need to create their very own vertical social networks.


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The TLD Platform is a revolutionary tool for gTLDs who are serious about generating not only sales, but a complete social channel and community around their specialised domain."

Steve Moore - PeopleBrowsr CTO

Steve Moore
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