• We've been hunting for a small web designer and found a two person team. An Australian and a Swedish designer.

    Nicole aka '@WhateverCreate' from the Big Island. Has red hair and colorful ideas. She's making the site look so appetizing that we can't help wanting more and more.

    David: aka '@David_lindstrom' from a cold country but a hot talent. Working from the antipodes and perfectly managing the time difference.

    After several focus groups, we defined the brief : no page links, very little text and controls that are fun to use.

    Slowly the vision is turning into something like a 'Gallery Grid' where the screen fills with photos and comments and snippets of conversation, always updating, ever changing, feeling the pulse of your friends' activity and of the blogosphere.

    Focus groups, take two. Users want:

    • the 'Gallery' to be interactive
    • a one click multi IDs feature - which is why we're building the 'PBID', which means in just one click you can open a bigger version of the avatar, with pullouts containing a massive amount of data about the person. It's a quick look and an overview on a user's entire online world.

    The result is pretty fun and useful, and we would love to share it.

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    PeopleBrowsr is a technology company which provides enterprise, government and Top Level Domain owners with the ability to launch their own social networks and analyze and engage the members of those networks.