• We've done a lot of googling to find developers who are best in class with AJAX mapping, video streaming and content management.And they're picking up the pieces of the puzzle and working on shaping the site.

    Where do they come from? All over the world; Canada, Italy, India, United States, Germany, UK, Russia, Israel and of course, Australia. Here they are:

    Alberto aka '@Buster81', Sydney: the first one to join the team. An Italian software developer who was supposed to travel around Australia in an ugly, old, painted van but decided he preferred to get lost with Javascript, Ajax, PHP etc. We all wonder why. He does too. By the way, he never says "mamma miiiia" whilst shaking his hands.

    Jesse aka '@Jesseskinner', Berlin: a Canadian JavaScript developer who followed his heart to Germany, being in love with both a Berliner and Berlin itself. Apparently he gets a kick out of wrestling with CSS and Ajax, and we like to think that he does this wearing nothing but a cape and tights. He claims that he doesn't wear tights anymore.

    Andrew aka '@Artee', Sydney: PHP developer. He's shy (awww) and loves people-watching, in cafes or online. Andrew recently moved house and now claims he will never ever ever move house again. We'll see.

    Andrew aka '@MamboBlue', South East Queensland, Australia: a code warrior, constantly running out of ammunition and armour, battling bugs and systems that refuse to obey direct commands. A sorry soul that also thinks this is fun to do in his spare time.

    Andrew aka '@PixyMisa', Sydney: we call him AmazingMaizels, php surfer, because he likes to ride database twists. And he has to be pretty good, since he manages to keep up with the whole gang's whims.

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