• PeopleBrowsr is going to be:
    • A PeopleWiki
    • A social network aggregator
    • A set of tools to interact with friends

    Each user will be able to choose every time

    • What to see
    • How to see it

    Here are the elements set to assemble into PeopleBrowsr:

    Two different Views

    • 'Stream' : a set of PostsStacks showing posts from Friends, Followers, DMs and more
    • 'Gallery' : a grid of pictures, to see friends, tag people in 'Groups' and sort them.

    Filter and Search

    • Tabs: to select data from one or "All" networks
    • World Drop Down: to zoom on tweets and posts from a specific city
    • SearchBox: to search for a keyword or a for person and find the discussion going on around him or her just entering ‘@Username’ or an email address.
    A click on an avatar and it will enlarge into an 'PBID' containing that user’s entire online presence.
    We plan to equip the 'PBID' with:
    • Pullouts : containing the user’s friends and a message box
    • Tabs : showing the user’s profile, photos, videos, Twitter stream, Facebook status, notes and more.
    The list of the groups that the user creates to group friends and people. Groups will work cross-network. Eg: it will be possible to tag in the same group people from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and more and to message them all at the same time. Groups PBIDs
    Special 'PBID', containing data about a group of people:
    • GroupPBIDs : the group’s 'PBID'. A click on a group tag will enlarge it into a 'PBID', containing all the people that the user has tagged in that group. The group's 'PBID' will show the mixed stream of Tweets and statuses posted by the people in that group their pictures and more.
    A dedicated tab, showing all the IDs that a user adds to PeopleBrowsr. The page will display all the user’s profiles in a big view. AllFriends
    The whole of a user’s friends from all his social networks.
    We also plan to create an 'Mix' tab where to see friends from all sources.

    FAQs, How the site works, this Blog and more about PeopleBrowsr.

    A group allowing users to comment, ask for features and submit questions.
    The PeopleBrowsr team will be monitoring the group to answer questions and adapt the site to the users needs.

    PeopleBrowsr Help 'PBID', posting tips and tricks on how to get the best from PeopleBrowsr.

    More to come…

  • PeopleBrowsr

    About PeopleBrowsr

    PeopleBrowsr is a technology company which provides enterprise, government and Top Level Domain owners with the ability to launch their own social networks and analyze and engage the members of those networks.