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    Enrich your experience of the N2Y4 conference by getting the information you want from the social media streams. Try using Peoplebrowsr.com in the following 5 ways, and then adjust to fit your taste and needs.

    1. Check out the buzz about #N2Y4 on PeopleBrowsr.com

    • Open a stack by entering #N2Y4 into the search box (magnifying glass icon).

    • Or enter a search term into the top of any stack
    . PBsearch3
    • Do advanced search with many operators or filters - look for sessions, people, and intersections of multiple criteria.

    2. See stats on the conference


    • In the search stack, click on the stats bar near the top


    • See a word cloud of the most used words (in that search stack)

    3. Share your stacks with RSS, RT, or HTML


      • At the bottom right of a stack, rollover icons to pick,
    • RSS to turn it into a feed for others to use
    • Retweet to post a url that open a peoplebrowsr page with that stack open, such as this one: http://www.peoplebrowsr.com/stack/6e for #N2Y4 search
    • HTML to get a url of straight html of the stack for easy cut and paste into documents

    4. See avatars of people talking about #N2Y4 (helps to find them in person!)


    • Select the grid icon in the bottom right corner of the stack (look at #2 for image of gallery view)

    5. See who is retweeing you (and other interesting reports)


    • Select the report icon - the second from the left (or look in advanced search for report listing)


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