• Hello Everyone
    We're pushing live a preview of our version 1.3 and we would love all your feedback.

    What's version 1.3

    We've been working with a number of enterprises who have been using PeopleBrowsr for strategic response and live data mining.
    We've added more vertical dimension to the stack and put many of our cool features in the Tactical Tool box, now located in the QuickStrip.

    Inspired by Apple, we've set the footer to appear only when you need it and move your cursor down.

    Coming soon a deep reporting module for managers and 30 days of old data for you to retrieve past conversations.

    We hope you like this preview of version 1.3 and look forward to your precious feedback.

  • PeopleBrowsr

    About PeopleBrowsr

    PeopleBrowsr is a technology company which provides enterprise, government and Top Level Domain owners with the ability to launch their own social networks and analyze and engage the members of those networks.