• As the evolution of the social-semantic web continues, we’re happy to be introducing our game-changing new product, Research.ly. Designed for Online Marketers, Brand Managers, and Social Media Experts, ReSearch.ly creates instant communities in real-time with viral analytics and viral search. With marketers and researchers in the midst of an inverted Orwellian Revolution, ReSearch.ly enables trustworthy engagement in Twitter’s social hub with the most relevant and reliable contextual data.

    From Social Graph to Interest Graph

    Search is a social act, which relies on the collective trust of communities. These communities are forming instantly around ideas or interests, rather than through social connections. ReSearch.ly creates instant communities from conversational context and is the next generation in understanding the ‘big picture’ of social impressions across relational interest graphs.

    Social Graphs are transforming into Interest Graphs, where people are connected more by a shared interest than by who they know," explains Brian Solis, Chief Data Analyst for PeopleBrowsr. "For brand managers, the challenge is clear; in order to effectively engage, they have to first understand what people are saying about their brand, competitors and any associated areas of interest. In short, they must understand what truly matters to the community in order to identify the community… and that's where ReSearch.ly comes in.

    So how are these communities populated? Through the stroke of a keyword search.

    Instant Viral Analytics

    To begin a search on ReSearch.ly, enter keywords of interest — whether company name, product name, competitor name or topic. ReSearch.ly first identifies people who are talking about a particular interest, and then instantly drills down to uncover rich data about the Social and Interest Graph, including location, sentiment, gender as well as related word clouds, hashtags, @Names, links. Overall, ReSearch.ly fires off 40 simultaneous searches for any topic and delivers the results almost instantly. This data gives brand managers the ability to target specific market segments with unprecedented granularity and ease.

    There are a number of ways ReSearch.ly optimizes the formation of instant contextual networks through search for deeper insights, including:

    discover, connect and lead

    Location. Choose Global, US or International Cities. ReSearch.ly uses geo metadata in Tweets and filters results by location.

    Communities. What are members of a specific community (architects, musicians, CEOs, cofee lovers...) discussing, from general to topic-based trends? How can you trust what you’re seeing within the context of your search?

    Your Audience. Who’s following you, and what are their interests and subset communities? Choose any topic and join trending conversations.

    Mentions and Sentiment. Search, inquire, find and discover who’s talking about you, your industry and competitors and what they’re saying.

    Accelerating ReTweets. Predict the buzz. Browse Emerging Retweets and spot upcoming trends.

    RT Analytics

    Degrees of Separation. How are you connected to the current actors in the community? ReSearch.ly generates relationship maps between Twitter users. “Similar to how LinkedIn shows how you can connect to someone through three degrees of separation, ReSearch.ly brings this same concept to Twitter and shows you how you are connected to any particular person or organisation by up to four degrees of separation,” says Neal Schaffer, President, Windmills Marketing. “This information will make it much easier for people using ReSearch.ly to truly start connecting and engaging with influencers and targeted people on Twitter by utilizing their current network of Followers to facilitate introductions in a way that used to be nearly impossible.

    degrees of separation

    Gender. More men are engaged on Twitter, yet women are more influential. What role does gender play in the cultivation of your community and messages?

    Sentiment. In the collective stream of collected consciousness, determining sentiment provides a clearer perception of how and when consumers express positive or negative influence. PeopleBrowsr’s extended capabilities in sentiment include human-analysis, which helps to further determine the context of statements that include sarcasm, cultural references, etc.

    Word Cloud. Within the social hub, which words are most frequently used and why? Determining frequency in the semantic web helps you to improve the quality to improve key words and SEO.

    Cross-Content Platforms.  Compare and capture relevant videos, pictures, and events instantly as search or write your tweet. With instant analytics while you write or search, ReSearch.ly gives you critical data to understand the social stream in real-time.

    Mining Gold for Insights, Real-Time Connections, and More Meaningful Customer Relationships

    While the social web further intertwines with the semantic web, the collective stream of consciousness voiced on Twitter is rapidly becoming a collected conversational cloud. As Brian Solis further explains, “Brands understand they need to engage customers often while cultivating communities, and they are constantly looking for ways to efficiently participate in relevant conversations. ReSearch.ly is designed to help establish trusted, real-time connections, within the context of fluid conversations.” With social communities growing around ideas or interests, rather than through social connections, engagement is emphasized on finding and generating contextualized content.

    We would love to know what you think and how you use ReSearch.ly, and invite you to share your ideas with us.

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