• Thank you for the amazing response to our new baby, ReSearch.ly, the latest addition to our PeopleBrowsr family!

    Within the first 48 hours of release, we saw over 2000 ReSearch.ly mentions on Twitter, including 500 ReTweets and 200 mentions for PeopleBrowsr. There were also some really cool blog posts and articles about us in Venture Beat, The New York Times, The Next Web, Mashable and Scobelizer. After months of preparing for ReSearch.ly’s introduction to the market, we’re pleased that the ability create communities on the fly has created a buzz within the industry!

    We love hearing what people in our community are saying about us so that we can engage with our customers to provide immediate support. Throughout the initial launch period, we were actively listening to the conversations on Twitter and the Blogosphere. And through utilizing the same products and expertise we provide to our clients, we were able to analyze the success of our brand’s latest launch.

    Reaching Our Target Customers

    ReSearch.ly is designed for online marketers, brand managers, and social media experts. Through analyzing our mentions on Twitter, we discovered that ReSearch.ly was being discussed the most among social media experts and business managers - two of our core customer groups. Here’s a graph and word cloud of User Identification, based on Twitter bios:

    twitter bios

    twitter bio

    Creating Global Communities in Local Markets

    As a global startup, we’re always curious to know where people are using PeopleBrowsr. It’s amazing to have customers all over the world, from the Valley to New York, Europe, South Africa, and New Delhi. We had Twitter mentions in multiple languages, and articles about ReSearch.ly were published in a popular German pub, Chip Online, with Read Write Web’s coverage was both in English and Spanish.

    researchly community

    ReTweets and Mentions

    As with any social media campaign, one of our objectives was to measure the number of impressions, through reach and influence with RT analytics. At our command center, we were up 24/7 monitoring what people were saying about ReSearch.ly, and which blog/press links they were sharing. Here are some of our favorite Tweets that we want to share with you:
    @douglaskarr: "Turns out that http://research.ly is a pretty strong job search database, too! (video @wingdude @scobleizer) http://twitpic.com/3d7a3g"

    @rachelakay: "ReSearch.ly is an incredibly valuable Twitter research tool from @briansolis. Demographics, location, sentiment. Wow. http://bit.ly/hBNk2f"

    @TheDaringWoman: "Research.ly: Twitter analytics, sentiment and trend tracking done right.  [Very interesting tool]"

    @LoriGama: "@Scobleizer I'm intrigued by the degrees of separation feature on ReSearch.ly & love that it searches bio's- http://t.co/EtbwImn"

    @Nat_Hansen:  “Research.ly from PeopleBrowsr is AWESOME!!! #peoplebrowsr #socialmedia #business”

    @ericaannemay:  “Looks like a pretty neat Twitter search tool - ReSearch.ly  http://t.co/vsp64sq via @mashsocialmedia @mashable”

    @NikiBlaker: “I'm not even a social media person, but this is really handy. ReSearch.ly - Instant Community http://t.co/3cbOYz6

    @ghostexecutive: “This is crazy awesome. Research.ly is Twitter search and discovery on steroids http://t.co/weySCUj via @youtube”

    @devseo: “First look: Research.ly shows power of Twitter's publicness for brand and journalism research - http://scoble.it/ge7vtx”

    A Wealth of Data is a Gold Mine

    We truly believe that Research.ly opens up a world of possibilities for discovering instant communities that are worth cultivating on the social web. There’s a wealth of information being shared on Twitter, and here are a few examples of ways to extract a goldmine of data:


    1. I want to connect with Mommy Bloggers in SF or interested in human rights  http://research.ly/human%20rights/global/Mommy Bloggers
    2. I want to find all the good things being said about Coke and all the bad things about Pepsi  http://cocacola.analytic.ly/
    3. I would love to see all the most popular RT and their viral hierarchy http://research.ly/help/US/all/toprt
    4. Build a Command Center for my product or brand

    There are countless ways ReSearch.ly can assist you with building and engaging customers, while providing in-depth instant viral analytics. As with any new product launch, we encourage community involvement for comments and suggestions, and we’d love for you to share your experiences and ideas with ReSearch.ly. We’re dedicated to our community of online marketers and social media experts, and we’re ecstatic to hear all of the positive feedback we’ve received so far.

    Hear what the top influential marketers and bloggers are saying about ReSearch.ly, and stay tuned for continued coverage!

    “When you watch the exclusive video I did with Research.ly’s founders, you’ll see just how powerful this service is. You can look for items in real time, and filter out the non-important ones, looking at just the people you’re following, if you want, or all Twitter users, or just the people following your account. I’m following about 27,000 geeks, for instance, so using Research.ly is very awesome because I can see just what they are talking about in the news.” -Robert Scoble, Scobleizer

    “Besides the history feature, I was also impressed by ReSearch.ly’s ability to drill down on a specific demographic group (it uses your Twitter account biography to determine who you are) or search term.... Beyond responding to individual tweets, brands can use that data to craft marketing campaigns. In fact,Twitter says it plans to release its own analytics service (which doesn’t seem to be as full-featured as ReSearch.ly) for free, with the idea that it will be useful for advertisers on Twitter.” -Anthony Ha, Venture Beat

    “The ability to have all of this information at your fingertips is a goldmine. The fact that you can do it all from within the familiar, Twitter-like interface is just icing on the cake. Research.ly is giving brand managers and their like the ability to find information on the fly that simply would take hours if not days to have found before.” -Brad McCarty, The Next Web

    “ReSearch.ly, at its core, is a Twitter search engine — albeit one that offers a few heretofore unseen search features to give brands insight into micro or niche Twitter communities.” -Jennifer Van Grove, Mashable

    “Jodee Rich, the CEO of PeopleBrowsr, says ReSearch.ly indexes everything that is said on Twitter and can search communities of interest in real time, providing information that marketers need. Any keyword search is translated into an analytics platform, which provides marketers a means of instantaneously identifying influencers for their market and brand.” -Mike Belicove, Entrepreneur.com

    “Research.ly's technology breakthrough are these custom indexes on top of Twitter's firehose. Now, these indexes are continually updated in real-time.” -Sarah Perez, Read Write Web

    “Social media analytics company, PeopleBrowsr, has launched its social search product ReSearch.ly. It is designed to help brand managers and marketers find the one percent of Twitter users that matter most to them.” -Japhet Writ, AllWeLike.com

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