• It’s an exciting and blazingly democratic time in the social media universe and we’ve hit the ground running in 2011. I’d like to take a minute to share what we’ve been up to here at PeopleBrowsr and how we’ve evolved with the start of the New Year.

    We’ve officially launched a Social Media Command Center in SoMa, the heart of the SF social media world. Our opening event was a huge success, it was a privilege to have over 300 people attending from the social media community. We were inspired by our main speaker, Tim O'Reilly.

    Tim joined our panel (@BrianSolis, @Setlinger, @wingdude) for a discussion on:

    "The Evolution of Listening - From Monitoring to the Collective Intelligence"

    It was thought provoking, with an intriguing takeaway quote from Tim: "The Last Mile is Human".

    The context.... for the first time in human history, we are storing the Collective Memory at the rate of 10,000 posts a second. A "Real" history is being laid down in micro-fragments, one post at a time.

    What we think about everyday at PeopleBrowsr is turning the Collective Memory into a Collective Intelligence.

    This defines an important cultural shift in the way we communicate, as every "little brother" can intelligently gather huge amounts of information.

    Our job is to rapidly assemble a meaningful picture...

    In a beautifully recursive way, this Human Collective Intel - and the challenge to improve signal to noise - will always point to a final, very Human Last Mile.

    It has taken us 20 man years and we now have ReSearch.ly with access to our Datamine of 1,000 days of conversations, indexed for sentiment, location, community, relationships, gender and keywords.

    Influence is a primary datamine social vector…

    We predict Generic Influence metrics will fall away in favor of very focused Influence scores. Broad Indicators of Influence will now evolve to Targeted Influence.

    What do I mean?

    Take a trending topic like Egypt.
    How can we define a relevant Influencer in the community?
    In the past, you might try to find a person with a high influence score that happens to mention Egypt... a better approach is to find the person who has the most number of friends discussing Egypt.

    What can we do with this vector?

    We recently applied this technology to a cross brand study that was presented to 60 CMOs at the Digital Collective in LA. We used this special Influence algorithm to find Influencers by community and brand.

    Brands can now clearly define interest graphs, comprised of a group of Influencers, who are champions. A champion is an Influencer who has a wide audience of friends who are discussing a brand or topic of interest. We're moving into the interest graph, and measuring influence based on relevance and information currency.

    We wake up inspired to be part of such a critical time in civilized history, everyday our lives are being shaped by events like wikileaks, Egypt, Iran Election.

    Please let us know how we can help to connect the dots between your work and this revolution. Big Data for Little Brother - We live for discovering new ways of navigating the Social stream...

    The Last Mile is Human :-)

    Jodee Rich
    CEO, PeopleBrowsr

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