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Sep 14, 2011 7:22:10 PM

Jodee Rich to speak at Strata Summit

O’Reilly Radar today published a sneak peek of PeopleBrowsr CEO Jodee Rich’s upcoming presentation, “Move Over, Nielsen: Rethinking TV Analytics,” at next week’s Strata Conference.

Jodee’s talk will focus on how social media can replace antiquated rating systems as the primary data source used by media buyers to target consumers.  With social analytics, television networks can receive information on audience size, engagement and sentiment in real-time.

Social media values real-time engagement over passive participation. We can see not just
what people are watching, but also monitor what they say about it. By observing actively
engaged people, we can better discern who the viewers are, what they value, what they
discuss, how often they talk about these things, and most importantly, how they feel about
it. This knowledge allows brands to tailor messages with very high relevance.

The Strata Conference runs September 19-23 at the New York Hilton and promises to be a thought-provoking event.  Get your registration at  Jodee’s talk takes place Tuesday, September 20 in the Westside Ballroom at 10:35am.

Aug 25, 2011 9:19:39 PM

SXSW PanelPicker Votes: The Future Of Collective Influence

SXSW PanelPicker is here! We're amazing by the positive response we've had for our Panel on Collective Influence, with over 30 comments of support:

Aug 4, 2011 12:59:19 PM

Welcome to the Playground

Hello fellow browsr's, the Playground is here! Today we launched the only workspace that combines Analytics, Grid, Search, and Engagement technologies with 1,000 days of data.

Jul 1, 2011 7:52:47 PM

London Calling - PeopleBrowsr UK

From SoMa to SoHo, PeopleBrowsr is getting social.

Jul 1, 2011 2:41:39 AM

Data Insight - Making the Transparent Visual

On Tuesday, we had the honor of hosting the follow-up forum for Data Insight SF.

Jun 24, 2011 1:03:36 AM

The Future of Social & Tech with Ben Parr

Yesterday evening, Ben Parr, Mashable's Editor-At-Large, stopped by PeopleBrowsr to discuss The Future of Social and Tech. The event, hosted by the San Francisco Chapter of the American Marketing Association at PeopleBrowsr Labs, created an open dialogue on the evolution of the industry.

It was an entertaining presentation, filled with LOLcats, teamwork and audience participation. Ben seemed less like a guest-speaker and more like thought-leader, guiding a brainstorming session and inviting individuals to contribute to the conversation.

As a collective group, we played a game of HOT or NOT to speculate the next ‘big thing’ or ‘big flop’. Ben made a point to be inclusive and created an environment where everyone felt comfortable and equal in sharing their thoughts and ideas.


The consensus?

IN: YouTube (The most promising disruptive startup to revolutionize the TV/Music/Media industry)
OUT: Color (While the tech is interesting, the value has yet to be seen on a consumer scale) IN: LinkedIn (This startup has serious potential for growth and mass adoption)
OUT: Quora (Still finding the value prop for mass consumers and those in industries outside of tech)

IN: Video, mobile (text messaging), and groups-vs-individuals for marketing outreach (ex. LinkedIn Groups)
OUT: Treating social media as a tool for a marketing tactic or strategy... it's about relationships

It certainly was a relevant discussion for hot topics in social and tech. And while none of us can predict the future, we can imagine to have some element of foresight into what to expect.


We love hosting these types of events at our beautiful space in SoMa... If you're looking for a venue for an event surrounding tech, social media, advertising or data visualization, please reach out to us at



Jun 22, 2011 5:39:13 PM

Miss USA Wins Audiences with Social Media

With over 7.2 million viewers on Sunday watching Miss USA, we were curious to see the conversations on social streams… Especially since Miss California, Alyssa Campanella, newly crowned Miss USA loves to tweet!

Jun 17, 2011 2:10:06 PM

Talking About Dads (A Data Analysis of Father's Day Mentions)

It’s the month of June, official start of summer. America is ready for weekend trips to the beach, baseball games, BBQ’s... and, of course, Father’s Day!

As social data analysts, we're always curious about the conversations taking place around holidays, events or trends...

We extracted all mentions of “Father’s Day” and intelligently filtered the data to find these insights into what people are sharing and tweeting.

For our analysis, we started with asking these questions:

  1. Who are the people mentioning Father’s Day the most?
  2. What’s being talked about the most when it comes to Father’s Day?
  3. Why are the top champions influencers for Father’s Day?
  4. Where are people talking about Father’s Day the most? Which social media platforms are the top posters using and where are they posting from?

Here’s what we found...

Over 137,000 mentions of Father’s Day on Twitter
Over 85,000 unique people posting on Twitter
Almost 30,000 ReTweets
About 23,000 links

Who are the people speaking about Father’s Day?

To determine demographics, we extracted the most frequently occurring words in bios of people posting about Father’s Day. The different communities of people talking about Father’s Day include, Moms, Media, Writers, Musicians, Students, Designers and Artists.

What’s Being Talked About the most in relation to Father’s Day?

We pulled the most frequently used words in tweets containing “Father’s Day” and created a word cloud to determine what people are sharing. Top word associations with the holiday included Gifts, ideas, #giveaway, present, sale, golf, coupon, book, tribute and cards, to name a few.


Father’s Day Champions

We were also interested in those with the most influence surrounding Father’s Day mentions. These are ‘champions’ for Father’s Day mentions. If your brand wanted to know how they could have effective reach with the most influential speakers surrounding Father’s Day, we could create a Champions graph. Champions are those who mention Father’s Day and have the highest number of friends who are also mentioning Father’s Day.

The Top 5 Father’s Day Champs are:


These champs have a high reach among people discussing Father’s Day, and three of the top five are Mommy Bloggers.


Most of the conversation surrounding Father’s Day are neutral or positive, with only 1% of negative Twitter mentions.

Top cities mentioning Father’s Day include:

New York
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Washington DC

The #1 Tweet Source for all Father’s Day mentions comes from… Facebook.

More people were tweeting from third-party platforms, on-the-go, instead of directly from Twitter via the browser.

Top Mobile Sources (by popularity) include:
Twitter for iPhone
Twitter for BlackBerry
Twitter for Android

Retail Shopping and the Social Sphere

Recently, we came across this study on MarketingVox, and we were surprised to learn that brands/retailers weren’t being more proactive in engaging interesting consumers. Some key findings surrounding Father’s Day included:

e-Tailers Overlook Father's Day in Searches

Jun 7, 2011 2:00:19 AM

PeopleBrowsr Names Andrew Grill as the UK CEO

Exciting news at PeopleBrowsr...

Jun 2, 2011 7:00:06 PM

From Any to Many: The Collective Influence

We recently hosted a thought leader event about  Collective Influence at our SF Social Media Command Center. The panel was moderated by Irina Slutsky of AdAge and featured:

Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, Best-Selling Author, Change Agent and Sometime Cowboy

Porter Gale, Vice President of Marketing, Virgin America

Elisa Steele, Chief Marketing Officer, Yahoo

Jodee Rich, CEO, PeopleBrowsr

We brought this group of marketers together to tackle some very difficult questions that all of us, across the industry, have been working to answer. What is Collective Influence? Why is it important? How do we define influence, measure it and determine ROI?

We dream a lot about what influence means, both for our “little” brothers and the Fortune 500 companies. Jodee shared with the group as a “must read,” Duncan Watts’ recently published book, “Everything is obvious once you know the answer” …

For the first time in human history, the social sciences are being quantified. We have the ability to rigorously quantify data from conversations, bringing civilization closer to validating various communication theories.

Little brothers are banding together and exerting extraordinary influence on social networks like Twitter, as they ReTweet each other, @reply in conversations, and rapidly share news and other forms of content. Individuals are creating influence networks.

Previously we thought of influence as having the highest number of followers. Now we’re approaching influence as “relative influence”, determined by having the most number of friends in your network that are talking about your brand or topic of interest.

Influence is personal. It’s shifting from the celebrity to the individual. Everyday people are coming together and forming a greater influence chain than celebrities alone could create.

As Jeffrey Hayzlett so eloquently described, “Influence is moving from eyeballs and ears to hearts and minds”.

Understanding influence requires understanding the personal connection, the emotion behind the brand, the relevancy to the person and the degrees of separation on the interest graph.

Finding influencers requires listening...

During the panel, Jeffrey described why he created the world’s first position for Chief Listening Officer at Kodak. The CLO acts as the company’s “air traffic controller” directing social conversations to the appropriate internal departments.

Jeffrey gave the example of how connecting with customers via social media influenced product development. A customer tweeted Kodak to ask if they would consider placing microphones on their cameras, and the Kodak social media team was able to reroute that conversation. By the next product cycle, Kodak had integrated the feature.

This is a powerful way of showing how social media can be used to engage with customers to influence product decisions. But what is the ROI of influencer engagement?

Elisa Steele offered this interesting insight when discussing what influencers bring to your bottom line. Marketers can begin to approach influencer value in terms of brand assets. The value is in leveraging your brand champions to be evangelists and ambassadors for your messaging.

Porter Gale described how 80% of transactions occur online for Virgin America, and how social streams surrounding point of sale could influence buying behavior. Influencers have a real potential to effect purchase habits.

From e-commerce to product development, customer reviews, loyal evangelism and buying behavior, influencers are effecting the way we make decisions.

Throughout the evening, moderator Irina Slutsky asked many  thought-provoking questions that garnered sound-bite-worthy answers.

Here’s a clip of the panel:

One of the more exciting moments came at the conclusion of the discussion, during the Q&A, when Porter announced she had a free Virgin America flight for anyone who could define “Collective Influence”.

Crowd-sourcing the definition was a blast, and the winner was chosen by the amount of applause…

Laura Fitton won a Virgin America flight to New York for her summary definition of Collective Influence:

“Where the message becomes the influencer and one to many becomes ANY to many. The human network amplifies good stuff!”

Collective Influence is about how anyone, anywhere can have impact and reach across social media streams. And that’s why brands should be listening for real-time engagement.

We’d like to thank you for listening and appreciate everyone showing their support. We had a fantastic time hosting the event and would especially like to thank our sponsors, Silicon Valley Bank, for the generous wine donation.

Here are a few snapshots of the evening…


We were very happy to have over 200 tweets to the hashtag #CollectiveInfluence!

Search the stream for #CollectiveInfluence on!

The event was a great way for us to involve marketers into the conversation of Influence. This topic has been top of mind for us at PeopleBrowsr for a while now.

Last month, Jodee spoke at AdAge Digital 2011 in New York, where we released a fun, short cartoon deck on the Social Media Influencers.


At PeopleBrowsr, we’re deep diving into this topic and developing new algorithms and methodologies for relevant, customized influencer engagement.

Stay tuned for more, and please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter @PeopleBrowsr, email us at or comment here on our blog.