• This year’s SXSW was an exciting one for the team. We released a report on the top SXSW Influencers, published in the O’Reilly Radar, and had the opportunity to meet with some very big names in the industry.

    We’re also happy to announce that we’ve partnered with WHOOZNXT, a unique, audience-validated technology platform that launched at SXSW.

    WHOOZNEXT measures word-of-mouth fan growth on artists and rewards the top ranked artists with opportunities on national and local television, radio, live venues and digital platforms.  It’s a music revolution for emerging artists building loyal fans on the social web, and a launch at SXSW was the perfect fit. WHOOZNXT’s parent company, NXTM, digitally represents artists such as Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake.

    PeopleBrowsr is providing WHOOZNXT with a custom API to build a specialized social media experience for musicians and fans. The PeopleBrowsr Platform API provides a real-time view into communities and conversations on the social web, with viral analytics to measure, monitor and engage with targeted audiences.

    At PeopleBrowsr, we’re at the center of building engaged social media communities in real-time. We identify and nurture your champions, and bring people together who have shared interests, such as music.

    Though the PeopleBrowsr Platform, we deliver a live stream of people who are having conversations surrounding any topic, filter by sentiment, geo-location and gender with vial analytics, map degrees of separation, and find champions along the interest graph for engagement with top influencers.

    Combining ReSearch.ly, Viral Analytics and the Engagement Center, The Platform is a full-service solution for finding highly-targeted audiences, engaging with influencers and champion communities, measuring and monitoring real-time analytics.

    We love building interest-based communities on the fly to identify and engage with top champions. We’re looking forward to seeing music communities built to support new talent showcased by NXTM, and we’re pleased to be working with such an innovative leader in the music industry. For more information, view the press release here.

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