• Hello fellow browsr's, the Playground is here! Today we launched the only workspace that combines Analytics, Grid, Search, and Engagement technologies with 1,000 days of data.

    Playground makes social data accessible and combines the best of PeopleBrowsr's technologies, offering serious metrics that are fun to analyze, in a space where work meets play.

    As Jodee likes to say, “Playground brings together 1,000 days of collective intelligence into one place, to analyze, import/export, move around, swing, slide, climb and play with data!”

    Playground is a fully customizable workspace allows you to drag and drop streams, chart searches, and add any data element into a custom analytics tab.

    Key features of Playground include Grid, an analytics spreadsheet in the cloud, and Spaces, a workspace for accessing multiple platforms from one central area to help agencies and businesses organize and personalize social content.

    View post effect, ReTweet acceleration, bit.ly click through rates, buzz by community, @name analytics, keyword searches, competitive mentions and related content in the stream, all on 1,000 day charts.

    Don't just take our word for it, read more about Playground on Mashable:

    Here are some snapshots of Playground, with search analytics around Old Spice:




    There's so much to explore... have a play today with a free 7 day trial:



    We'd love for you to share your thoughts/comments here and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter @PeopleBrowsr or via email contact@peoplebrowsr.com.


    Happy Brows'n!

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