• Social scoring system elevates credibility over celebrity on social networks

    San Francisco - September 29, 2011 - PeopleBrowsr, an industry leader in social analytics, today previewed Kred, a revolutionary new way to measure influence.  Kred is the first social scoring system to provide people with a comprehensive, contextual score for their Influence and Outreach within affinity-based communities.

    Kred is a free service open to anyone on request by tweeting to @PeopleBrowsr or requesting access at http://kred.ly.  Invitations will be delivered starting Thursday, October 6.

    “Kred is built on the fundamental belief that we are all influential somewhere,” said PeopleBrowsr CEO Jodee Rich.  “Kred asserts the importance of trust and sharing in human relationships.  By allowing individuals to be recognized as influential about their passions, Kred shifts the attention on social networks from celebrities back to the true heart of human relationships - connections with trusted friends and subject matter experts.”

    Kred calculates dual metrics for Influence and Outreach by analyzing a person’s ability to inspire action and level of interaction with others.  Influence, scored on a normalized 1,000 point scale, measures the ability to inspire action or influence others in the form of retweets, replies, likes, new follows and other actions.  Outreach levels reflect generosity and increase each time a person initiates conversations, interacts with others or spreads their content.

    Kred scores are driven by relevance and emphasize the importance of small close networks of like-minded people.  As well as offering overall network scores, Kred offers user scores for each of the communities formed around their interests and affinities.  Engaged and respected community members will have a higher score within their community than a disinterested person regardless of their total number of followers.

    Calculation of Kred is fully transparent.  Visitors to Kred.ly can view a real-time ‘Activity Statement’ of every action that affects their score, including tweets, retweets, @replies, lists and follows in real time.  Friends’ Activity Statements expose all the actions affecting their friends’ scores.

    Kred recognizes that Influence is generated in the offline world, too.  Users can add real life recognition and honors to their scores, including anything from athletic achievements to club memberships to frequent flyer status.

    Kred offers full control of visibility to its users.  For those who like to show off their scores, embeddable widgets, charts and banners are available as well as analytics to visualize the history of their scores.  Privacy settings are easily accessible to anyone who wishes to control visibility of their Kred and how they appear on Activity Statements.

    Kred is committed to enriching the social experience for everyone by helping them bring value to their communities.  Visitors to Kred.ly receive suggestions for fresh content to introduce to their communities.   In turn, posting fresh content will have a positive effect on their Outreach score.

    Kred is available as an API for the development of custom applications.  It is also included in the Playground API, which gives complete access to PeopleBrowsr’s Datamine of 1,000 days of collective intelligence.

    A Kred guide may be downloaded at http://bit.ly/KredGuide and a presentation detailing its features at http://slidesha.re/KREDly.

    About PeopleBrowsr
    PeopleBrowsr is a high-tech social analytics company with a passion for marketing, providing data mining, analytics, brand engagement and campaign services to global brands and advertising and public relations agencies.  Founded in 2007, PeopleBrowsr is a global industry leader in the social media revolution, building advanced conversation technology to assemble the collective intelligence.  Its accelerator for social startups, PeopleBrowsr Labs, is located at its San Francisco headquarters.

    For inquiries, please email contact@peoplebrowsr.com or tweet @PeopleBrowsr.

  • Shawn Roberts