• Spredfast, a social media management company based in Austin, used social data from the PeopleBrowsr Datamine to create compelling infographics about the impact of this year’s South By Southwest Interactive festival.

    The infographics, which were featured at important marketing outlets like AdRants, Social Media Explorer and ReadWriteWeb, illustrate the volume, impact and influence of the first two days of SXSW.

    Spredfast used our data to uncover the number of mentions of SXSW to then project the total reach of the event on Twitter.  Their work showed that over 1 billion potential impressions were served from SXSW in just the first two days (March 8-9), a dramatic example of how a relatively small group of people in the tens of thousands can quickly create worldwide awareness on a topic.

    They then took their work a step further to show the huge media value that brand social engagement creates.  Jordan Viator Slabaugh, Spredfast’s Director Of Social Media, wrote last week on MediaPost's Marketing Daily about how the cost of reach is decreasing exponentially for socially savvy brands and the increased opportunities for cost efficiency.

    We love this research because it adds value to our data and proves out the high marketing value of creating deep engagement with natural communities formed around shared interests.  It bears out that committed one-to-one marketing creates opportunities to target and activate an audience cost-effectively.

    Click on the infographics below for a full view or visit Spredfast’s original blog posts here or here to see more of their analysis.



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  • Shawn Roberts