• Today we are announcing a new API offering that gives developers and social media the ability to find influencers on any keyword or subject based on deep, public social data.

    The PeopleBrowsr Kred API grants access to PeopleBrowsr’s filtered and indexed Datamine of hundreds of billions of social media conversations from the full Twitter firehose since 2008, public Facebook posts, 40 million blogs and forums, and other sources.  The API pinpoints people discussing any topic by their keywords, hashtags, bio, interactions, location or community.  User influence is scored with Kred, PeopleBrowsr’s exclusive measure for finding influential people in communities connected by common interests.

    Here are brief descriptions of each class of the PeopleBrowsr Kred API:

    Find Influencers

    The ultimate API for social marketers to pinpoint influential people within the 120M active uses on Twitter. Reveal the Top Global Influencers and Outreachers by keyword, set of keywords, #hashtag, @name, location or even bio information.  Available with access to either the last 60 days of posts or the full Datamine of 1,200+ days.

    Find Influencers API calls start at $1 each.

    Deep Analytics

    Access social data indexed by location, activity, gender, sentiment, and much more. Split into Author Inputs and Keyword inputs, this class includes Kredentials data, Historical Kred, Reach, Friends & Followers, Top US Area and others. Access either the last 60 days of social data or the full Datamine of 1,200 days. (Kredentials is only available at the 1,200 days level.)  Visual.ly Create uses Deep Analytics today for its self-service infographics tool.

    The Deep Analytics API is available starting $0.10 per call.

    Action Analytics

    Instant access to real time aggregated social data by Keyword or Author. One click delivers valuable insights on keywords, hashtags, @names, top links, and more.  The API returns data for any time period - from minute by minute, to hour, to day, to month. Available at both 60 day access and 1200+ day access.  Mashable's mRank leaderboards are reliant on Action Analytics for their data.

    Action Analytics calls are available starting at $0.01 each.

    Kred API

    Add Kred Influence and Outreach scores to any web application. Enter in a twitter @name or ID and it will return the global Kred Score for any active user on Twitter.

    The Kred API is free for up to 500,000 calls per day.


    Each API and class has simple pricing options depending on whether you need access to the last 60 days of social data or the complete Datamine of over 1,200 days.  We also offer discounts for high volume customers and early stage companies.

    Drop by the PeopleBrowsr Developer Site, follow @kredapi for the latest news or mail us at api@peoplebrowsr.com to learn more about the capabilities of the PeopleBrowsr Kred, see examples of calls, and sign in for a key to start making!    

  • Shawn Roberts