• Next week in Durban, South Africa, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is holding their next public meeting.

    ICANN holds 3 public meetings a year where variety of sessions such as workshops, open forums, and working meetings on the development and implementation of Internet policies.

    PeopleBrowsr will be in attendance, represented by Founder and CEO, Jodee Rich (@wingdude), as well as Kred CEO, Andrew Grill (@AndrewGrill).

    Our interest in attending ICANN is twofold:

    1) PeopleBrowsr has three uncontested gTLDs dotCEO, dotKRED and dotBEST and as a gTLD applicant, we have a vested interest in the progress of the gTLD process.

    2) We have developed an innovative set of social value added services called Social OS™ that can enhance the value of not only an applicant's gTLD investment, but also the value of the community around the gTLD.

    Our Social OS™ Platform-as-a-Service will allow gTLD owners to instantly develop a social network around the gTLD, to include apps, analytics and deep social interactivity.

    [slideshare id=24151480&doc=socialosv16-130711143357-phpapp02&w=800&h=615]

    Importantly, having your own social network means that you own:

    the Customer
    the Data
    the App Store and the APIs
    the Business Intelligence

    PeopleBrowsr has been involved with social media for some time and we have collected over one trillion tweets over the last 5 years direct from Twitter.

    We also run our own social influence platform Kred, we have deep experience in powering social networks, and SocialOS is already being used to power a major bank around their gTLD.

    In addition, later this year we will be launching a sophisticated network for CEO's built around our dotCEO gTLD. You can read more about this at lc.tl/dotceo

    You can read more about our SocialOS platform at lc.tl/socialOS

    In Durban, you can contact Andrew on +27 818 10 55 37 to arrange a meeting, or email Andrew here.

    Jodee and Andrew will be in Durban from Friday 12th July - Thursday 18th July and we look forward to meeting other gTLD applicants to see how we can socialize and monetize your new domain beyond simple branding and marketing initiatives.



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