• If you have been keeping up with the latest developments in the domain world, you will know that ICANN, the The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has started to approve new top level domains (TLDs).

    PeopleBrowsr is delighted to announce that we have secured 3 TLDs, dotCEO, dotKred and dotBEST.

    The first of our domains, dotCEO has passed the initial evaluation phase and we expect to be able to offer dotCEO registrations later on in the year.

    Why did PeopleBrowsr bid for these TLDs?

    PeopleBrowsr’s mission is to assemble the collective intelligence provided by social media, make it accessible and easily understood by anyone that wishes to use it, and ultimately revolutionize the way we connect, solve problems and build global communities.

    We see the launch of these new TLDs as a perfect opportunity to allow communities to foster online, using social networks.

    The CEO community will be able to use the PeopleBrowsr dotCEO domain to  quickly identify to other CEOs that they are part of the same global community, and share connections, ideas and exchange their details in a secure way.

    PeopleBrowsr will be carefully vetting dotCEO applications to ensure that only bona-fide CEOs are able to join the network.

    What are the benefits of a TLD network like dotCEO?

    Many companies have applied for TLDs purely for branding reasons (eg dotJaguar and dotAMEX).

    We see a range of applications that can be run on our ownTLDs as well as any other TLDs

    1. Email - when we launch our new TLD service, I'm going to start using andrew@andrewgrill.ceo as my email address.

    It tells the world about my job title, and it also shows that I am a member of the global dotCEO network.

    2. Branding.  With our dotBEST TLD, we will be able to offer a compelling web address to a range of companies. Imagine being able to have advice.best or holidays.best to promote your product and service as the best of breed.

    3. The most exciting part of our TLD strategy is to marry our own (and other) TLDs to create a dynamic branded social network.

    The dotCEO network will be the first in the world to be powered by our SocialOS platform.

    What is SocialOS?

    Social OS is a next generation Platform as a Service (PaaS), developed under a Darpa funded program. It integrates Social Network capabilities and technologies into their customer databases.  Social OS is a rich set of APIs for Developers to rapidly build Social Network applications, and is a bridge between existing networks.

    SocialOS will become the new operating system for social.  Just as a computer or phone operating system is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs, SocialOS will provide the ability to bridge existing social networks and power applications running on existing social networks.

    I'm a CEO, how can I secure my own dotCEO address?

    Simple - just head to dotCEO.peoplebrowsr.com and claim your dotCEO.

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