• Kred influence scores integrated with SocialStream to rank and sort live social streams on websites, mobile apps and TV

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA – July 24, 2012 – Kred, the community influence and outreach measure, and Arktan, a leading provider of social curation and conversation experiences for television networks, music companies and brands, today announced the integration of Global Kred Scores with the SocialStream platform. The partnership enables social media managers to sort live social feeds by influence so content from the most trusted, respected people is visible to all users

    The integration of the Kred API marks the first time that a social curation platform has utilized a social influence measure to rank content according to the influence of the poster.


    SocialStream users, which include Universal Music Group and USA Network, can highlight and display comments and posts from the most influential people engaging in conversations about a TV show, concert, conference or other event in real-time.

    Kred can also filter fan’s Twitter replies on a celebrity or official brand page, assuring that the most influential and engaging people are prominently featured in the live stream.

    “The Kred API extends the value of our platform by enabling our clients to identify influential people talking about their products so they can feature their comments in real-time on their websites, mobile apps and TV programs” said Rahul Aggarwal, CEO and co-founder, Arktan.

    “This collaboration between Kred and Arktan is a great example of how social influence can be applied to make shared content more engaging for everyone in the brand ecosystem,” said Travis Wallis, Director, API at PeopleBrowsr, the creator of Kred. “Arktan is changing the way people interact with digital content, and the integration of Kred makes it a tremendously valuable platform for brands who want to feature content in real time.”

    PeopleBrowsr’s APIs offer unlimited social data from a Datamine of hundreds of billions of social media conversations, including the full Twitter firehose since 2008, public Facebook posts, 40 million blogs and forums, and other sources. Kred finds and ranks the influential people in communities connected by shared interests and things in common.

    About Arktan, Inc.

    Arktan (http://www.arktan.com) is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution provider for enterprise-class companies across many industries. The company has built a reputation as a technology innovator, and provider of cutting-edge, customizable product solutions for a growing list of leading global brands. Arktan’s flagship product is SocialStreams. Brands are using SocialStreams to extend curated real-time content and conversation from the Social Web to their sites, mobile apps, and TV, to build interactive experiences for users. SocialStreams is helping companies build brand loyalty, boost site traffic, and increase revenue opportunities from advertising, product sales, and data capture. SocialStreams is powering many Social TV second-screen experiences for popular TV shows, including “The X Factor USA” and “Dancing With the Stars”. It is also being used to power many Social Music, Social News, and Social Sports experiences for brands like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, The Washington Post, and WWE.

    About Kred

    Kred measures influence in online communities connected by interests. Kred is the first social scoring system to provide a comprehensive score for Influence and Outreach by valuing engagement and interaction over follower count. It is the only influence measurement based on 1,000 days of social data and to offer completely transparent score calculation.

    Kred celebrates the power of personal influence and generosity at the heart of human relationships - tight groups of friends and subject matter experts. For marketers, Kred presents the opportunity to discover trusted, engaged influencers who can help them spread their message quickly.

    Learn more at http://kred.com

  • Shawn Roberts