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    We have used Kred’s Influence and Outreach score to find the best Comedy Club’s that own a .Club domain.


    10. JakartaComedy.Club


    The Jakarta Comedy Club promotes the art of live, stand-up comedy, and features both local and international talent. This year the Club celebrates its 15th anniversary, and will commemorate the occasion with a live show featuring popular comedians Pete Johansson and Kristel Zweers


    9. WorldComedy.Club



    The World Comedy Studio is disrupting the traditional means of bringing comedy to the masses by broadcasting them to audiences through live podcasts. Their detailed broadcasting schedule ensures that you are always up to date with up-and-coming shows, and their World Comedy Passport allows you access to every show, interact with the comedians in real time, and exclusive access to merchandise and classes.


    8. InternationalComedy.Club



    Launched in 2006 as ‘Funny Laundry’ in Switzerland, the International Comedy Club celebrates it’s 10th anniversary this year. Guy Stevens, son of British comedy actor Ronnie Stevens, founded the club, which quickly grew from being a niche ‘expat’ club to being part of the broader Swiss entertainment culture. The Club has seen popular comedians such as Jim Jefferies, Eddie Izzard, Russell Brand, Lucy Porter, and Nina Conti.


    7. TheComedyScene.Club


    The Comedy Scene Club is well-known in New England as a showcase for the best in national and regional comic talent. Upcoming shows include Chriss Tabb and Corey Manning, Dan Boulger and Dan Crohn, Peter Costello and Tim McIntire, just to name a few. With an extensive food and drink menu, the Comedy Scene Club is also available privately for corporate and special events.


    6. Pejman.Club


    Pejman.Club is the home of popular, one name LA comedian Pejman. As an Iranian-American he has an unusual view of the world, and his comedy is a throwback to one-line comics such as Henny Youngman, although influences of contemporary quick set-up punchline comics is also seen. He has starred in NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Store, and Laugh Factory.


    5. Peepee.Club


    The Come and Take it Comedy Festival began in 2015, and boasts Texas' best local comics as well as internationally renowned comedians. As Houston’s first Multi-Day comedy festival, it is sponsored by multiple local businesses and organizations and has featured popular comic acts such as the Broken Lizard Group, Eugene Mirman, Emma Arnold, and Sarah Tollemache.



    4. ComedyCrawl.Club


    The Comedy Crawl is a Comedy Show held in the South Bay Area, and every week it is held at a new location. The show’s location could be a bar, restaurant, house, or warehouse, and hopeful attendees are required to register to discover the next location.

    The show features 3-4 comedians, including a local comedian, a national headliner, as well as up-and-coming acts.


    3. FunnyFest.Club


    The Funny Fest Comedy Club hosts a comedy festival every year, which spans 11 nights, 70 performers, 20 themes, and over 11,000 punchlines. They also host a number of other comedy shows and events throughout the year, from high-brow to low-brow comedy, and everything in between! FunnyFest knows that laughter is the best medicine, so they actively promote physical and mental well-being through their comedy performances.


    2. CrackersComedy.Club


    The Cracker Comedy Club has been one of the main venues for live comedy in Indianapolis since its opening in 1980. Despite the growth of televised stand-up comedy, the Club has remained popular and seen famous comics such as Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, Gabriel Iglesias, and Ray Romano.


    1. ChucklesComedy.Club



    For nearly 10 years, Mesquite St Comedy Club has been one of the top choices for live standup comedy. With an award winning food and drink menu, national touring comedians perform every week between Wednesday and Saturday. Popular comedians that have performed here include Paul Shore, Jim Breuer, Chris Kattan, and Todd Bridges.


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