• Design School is the place where you hone your skills, explore your specialization options, and decide who you are as a designer - so it's important that you make the right choice.

    That's why we have found the top 10 interior designs schools using Kred's Influence and Outreach Scores. We want you to be the best you can be.


    10. Savannah College of Architecture and Design - Savannah, Georgia

    Savannah College of Architecture and Design offers an undergraduate and graduate program in interior design. Ranked number one in the US for several years, SCAD is the university that is shaping the next generation of interior visionaries. Well known for attracting the most talented teachers and staff, the use of advanced technology and learning resources, and valuable networking opportunities, SCAD is not one to be overlooked.


    9. University of Texas - Austin, Texas

    University_of_Texas.jpgThe University of Texas offers an interior design program that’s designed for both the professional and academic, and is available as an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design has a strong academic basis, and combines problem-solving skills with the technological aspects of design.


    8. New York School of Interior Design - New York



    The New York School of Interior Design was founded in 1916 and is ranked as one of the top 5 interior design schools in the US. Their interior design programs are known for producing students with strong skills in planning, communication, construction methodology, sustainable design practices, and computer application. As a NASAD accredited course, it is also peer reviewed and accountable to national standards.


    7. Parsons School of Design,The New School - New York



    Located in Lower Manhattan, Parsons School of Design is a private art and design college. Founded in 1906, Parsons was the first school to have an interior design program in the US. It has consistently ranked as the leading program with a research intensive approach to interior design and is highly ranked internationally. With a strong network in the industrial design and communications sectors, Parsons provides students with everything they need to succeed in a rapidly changing industry.


    6. Rhode Island School of Design - Rhode Island



    Founded in 1877, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD ) iѕ known as one of the best and oldest art and design colleges in the US. RISD offers bachelors and masters degree programs in design, architecture, art education, and fine arts. With an emphasis on innovation and critical thinking, the RISD design program helps students develop the skills necessary to exceed in the interior design sector.


    5. Drexel University - Philadelphia and California



    Founded in 1891, Drexel University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in interior design. Their programs look at the behavioral, technological, and aesthetic aspects of interior design, with increasingly complex design projects. Accredited by the CIDA, Drexel’s program is designed to prepare students for leadership positions in the interior design world.


    4. Pratt Institute - Brooklyn New York

    Pratt_Institute.jpg Pratt Institute was founded in 1887 and is considered to be one of the top interior design schools in the US. Pratt recently introduced a new program, the MFA in Interior Design, an architecturally oriented curriculum for graduates with a focus on spatial design and surface embellishment. The MFA program also places greater emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration, technological and cultural innovation, and applied research techniques.


    3. The Department of Design + Environmental Analysis, Cornell University - New York

    Cornell_University.jpgThe Department of Design + Environmental Analysis (DEA) at Cornell University is the only Ivy League institution that offers a professional interior design program accredited by the CIDA. Combining research and innovation, students are able to enhance their technical design skills while simultaneously improving their creative thought and critical thinking.

    2. College of Performing and Visual Arts, Syracuse University -  New York



    Located in Syracuse, New York, the university was established in 1831 by the Methodist Episcopal Church in Lima. The College of Performing and Visual Arts is committed to the education of cultural leaders who engage with design, visual art, commentary, and scholarship. The Bachelor of Fine Arts prepares students by providing a multidisciplinary approach towards design.


    1. MaryMount Interior Design, MaryMount University - Arlington, Virginia



    MaryMount’s Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design prepares students for a successful career with a focus on creativity, sound business practices, technology, and ethical responsibility. The program also combines the University’s general education classes with interior design coursework in order to give students a well rounded and extensive education. Mary Mount also boasts connections to a number of prestigious interior design and architecture firms, which provides students with important networking and internship opportunities.


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