• Deep Dive into Twitter’s Social Database to Search through 1,000 days of conversations free of charge, with options for paid plans to create specialized analysis and customized reports.

    Search is a fluid process and we love to discover new ways of navigating the Twitter stream. Today we’re excited to be releasing ReSearch.ly with 1,000 days worth of data so you can dive even deeper into historical analysis for trend reporting, campaign monitoring, and connectedness mapping to find brand champions in your community.

    With ReSearch.ly, users can deep dive into search by entering key words or terms to find people connected by shared interests, topics or trends to create new communities on the fly and identify brand champions through tweets. Users can map connection paths to anyone linked in Twitter by the social or interest graph, and can pin-point groups based on location, gender, and positive or negative sentiment. We think it’s the coolest thing since toasted bread, but maybe that’s just us ... though these people seem to agree: Brian Solis, Robert Scoble, Tim O’Reilly, New York Times, VentureBeat, Read Write Web, The Next Web … and they really know how to butter us up!

    Similar to how Google has indexed the web, PeopleBrowsr has indexed Twitter. With Twitter’s Firehose and our proprietary server technology, we have reliable access to over 3 years of data. With the all-inclusive $99 plan, released as a premium to the $9 and $39 plans, users have unlimited access to 1,000 days of reliable data instantly, with benefits for:

    - Trending analysis across two years for YTD reporting
    - ReTweet Acceleration and real-time Viral Analytics
    - Tracking abilities for sentiment to analyze ROI on long-term campaigns
    - Leveraging power for reoccurring seasonal changes and trends
    - Abilities to create custom communities, and add new locations
    - Access to download Connectedness reports and create customized social media databases
    - Continuous realiable access to the PeopleBrowsr Command Center and Viral Analytics

    Powerful for graphing evolving trends over a two year period, charting YTD changes, identifying brand champions, mapping connectedness, and analyzing ROI with in-depth analysis from historical tweets, the $99 plan offers extensive insight into Twitter’s established social hub.

    In the spirit of the New Year, after a wonderful holiday season, we decided to look at last month’s holiday mentions of Christmas for YTD, Monthly, and Weekly analysis.

    For YTD comparisons, here’s an example of November/December 2009 vs November/December 2010 Mentions of Christmas:

    To analyze sentiment surrounding Christmas, here’s a graph mentions over a 30 day period:

    For key word and trend identification, here are words surrounding Christmas over a 7 day period:

    From our  community of Mommy Bloggers in the US, here’s what they were saying about Christmas: http://research.ly/Christmas/global/Mommy%20Bloggers

    With ReSearch.ly, consumers can search 1,000 days of data for free. ReSearch.ly’s tiered plans offer specialized benefits with additional features.

    The $9 plan includes:
    - Degrees of Separation
    - Community Searching
    - Location, gender, sentiment filtering
    - Explore related content
    - Viral Analytics
    - Custom Search URL’s
    - ReTweet Tracking
    - ReTweet acceleration
    - Access to the Command Center and Viral Analytics

    The $39 plans includes all the features and benefits of the $9, in addition to:
    - Create 2 custom communities
    - Add a new location
    - Map more extensive degrees of separation with communities

    With the inclusive $99 plan, customers receive benefits of the $39 plan, in addition to:
    - Create 5 communities
    - Specialized Degrees of separation
    - Add more new locations
    - Change viewers
    - RT Acceleration
    - Add up to 10 custom communities, in total
    - Interest Graph reporting
    - Download connectedness reports and create customized social media databases
    - Team Collaboration with the Command Center

    Social search inspires trustworthy engagement for building meaningful relationships with context and relevance. With ReSearch.ly, you can create an instant community around whatever interests you at anytime, anywhere, from any place.

    Find influencers and identify trends and brand champions in your community, monitor monthly and yearly campaign efforts, and conduct research for predictive analysis. With ReSearch.ly’s $99 plan, you’ll have access to 1,000 days of historical data with new insights into the Twitter goldmine for future projections, better reporting and in-depth analysis.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to the @PeopleBrowsr team! We also offer customized reporting packages for all your agency and brand needs. For more information, please email contact@peoplebrowsr.com.

    Now make history, and let the ReSearch begin!

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