• They say some of the best ideas come at the most unexpected moments, inspired by our every day lives. Such was the case a few Sundays ago in Las Vegas during CES. Over a breakfast of chicken-fried steak and cantaloupe at a café in the Palms Resort, an idea struck between Jodee Rich, CEO of PeopleBrowsr, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, acclaimed author and former CMO of Kodak.

    While the rest of the room was abuzz about consumer electronics, Hayzlett and Rich  - two people openly passionate about marketing and technology - naturally fell into a conversation surrounding brands on the social web.

    It was Hayzlett – a self-proclaimed, sometimes cowboy, widely-known for his sparks of marketing genius – who mentioned he’d love to see how VIP influencers on Twitter are connected to each other and the brands they love to talk about. Rich quickly realized that Hayzlett was describing features of ReSearch.ly and the type of data visualization analysis PeopleBrowsr specializes in. As both understood they had stumbled upon a shared insight for something huge, breakfast turned into a brainstorming session and the Brand Champion Scorecard was conceived.

    What followed was a rush of excitement to introduce the Scorecards to marketers, as Hayzlett had the perfect opportunity: The Digital Collective Leadership Summit CMO Dinner in Los Angeles, held on January 26. With 50 Top C-Level execs and chief marketers from the biggest brands and companies attending the dinner, it was the perfect chance to present the Scorecard.

    Could 50 individually customized brand scorecards be created in the short span of 2 weeks? “Absolutely,” said Rich.

    And the idea was simple, really, as most great ideas are. To run an analysis on brand mentions in influential Champion Communities on Twitter and deliver the data in a compelling way, by making it easy for marketers to understand.

    PeopleBrowsr had the technology – through its game-changing product, ReSearch.ly, which allows extensive capabilities in real-time search with viral analytics and sentiment analysis to find target communities – in addition to a deep data mine with 1,000 days of conversations on Twitter. The next step was to customize searches for the top brands and to design a summary page to capture the wealth of data.

    The Brand Champion Score Card was created to have three components that reveal:

    Volume of brand mentions over a 1,000 day period, visualized in a graph that easily identifies spikes in conversations.

    The brand’s Top 15 Champion Communities, identified based on key words and common interests in Twitter users’ profiles. Champions are defined as top VIP influencers who are talking about a brand.

    The Champion Interest Graph, which shows groups of brand champions with the most friends talking about a brand shared between the brand’s top communities and top influencers.
    The final product represents how customers and brand advocates are related to each other based on interests and key words used in their Twitter bios, with data visualized from 1,000 days of conversations.

    Although PeopleBrowsr had the existing technological capabilities to create the Brand Champion Scorecard, it was impressive to see Rich, Hayzlett, and the team, finalize the project in 2 weeks. What began as a casual breakfast conversation had turned into a massive effort to deliver valuable data to marketers at the Digital Collective.

    “Marketing leaders know the power of the right information and the Brand Champion Scorecard gives them the right information and insights,” said Hayzlett. “With every Tweet made available to PeopleBrowsr, companies also gain a time frame no one else can provide for giving social media discussions context.”

    When Hayzlett introduced the Brand Champion Scorecard at the CMO dinner, it was an incredibly exciting and rewarding moment for us at PeopleBrowsr. We’re very pleased with the response from the community and we’re excited to be creating more individualized reports and Scorecards for brands.

    The Digital Collective was a great launching pad for the Brand Champion Scorecards, and the conference was a well-presented and attended event. The team had a great time talking with marketers and enjoyed hearing from such speakers as Bonin Bough, Global Director of Digital & Social Media at PepsiCo, Greg Coleman, President & Chief Revenue Officer, The Huffington Post, and Sherri Gilligan, SVP, Marketing & Advertising MGM Resorts International.

    To better illustrate the Scorecard presentation at the Digital Collective, we’d like to give you an inside look into a Brand Champion Scorecard we created for Adidas:

    If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the Brand Champion Scorecards, please feel free to reach out to the @PeopleBrowsr team. We love being inspired by marketers and inspiring marketers in return.

    *A special thanks to the Jeffrey Hayzlett and the Digital Collective team.

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