• We loved being a part of the AdAge festivities in NYC last week, where Jodee presented on their Influence Panel with our friends from LinkedIn and Klout....

    We had such great feedback from a brief cartoon history of social networking (it’s had almost 60,000 views and over 3,000 Facebook likes and Twitter RTs!) that we made another to celebrate the AdAge Digital Conference 2011.

    We’re very excited to be featured in AdAge and had a great time with Simon Dumenco at the conference:

    Who Are Social Media Influencers? Awesome people who inspire us to do things.

    Thousands of years ago an influencer was a knowledgeable person who stood in a village square proclaiming wisdom to interested citizens. Not much has changed...

    So why is it that marketers are fumbling to create different definitions and metrics for social media?

    Whether it’s Reach, Engagement Metrics or Probability Scores, the “last mile is still human.” Marketers can mull over influence scores, indexes and matrices to explain methodology but the goal is the same: To find hyper-targeted influential users of social media for brands to foster customer loyalty, evangelism and WOM marketing.

    The reason we identify influencers is to interact with them. Influencers are the cool kids the rest of us aspire to be.

    We’ve defined the evolution of influence and its importance. With our Datamine and Analytics (with human review), we’ve created a comic timeline of influencers across social media.

    Each influencer has been awesome at engaging audiences, inspiring us to share.

    We’ll be adding to our Cartoon Series on Social Media... so stay tuned for more!

    Let us know if you have any comments … as always, we love hearing your thoughts. Tweet us @PeopleBrowsr or email contact@peoplebrowsr.com


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